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Here are known several ways how to send IR codes (most required to unlock Extended service menu options) to TV.
You don`t need to use all described methods, it is enough to have one which works on your TV keeping in mind we need to send custom codes rare, most cases only once while unlocking PVR [1] or GuidePlus [2], change your Internet@TV region [3], change model to get extra functionality on low end cheap C and D series TV`s [4], Enable MHP [5], enable Internet@tv in UC6000 T-valdeuc Tvs [6] or change locked by default other service menu options on C/D/E series TV`s and BD players...
All methods are cross-compatible, because the goal is to get Extended Service Menu, desn`t matter which way to use for that. In all cases (except switching on to hotel mode on C series), it is needed to send two codes to TV, FACTORY and 3SPEED while being in service menu.

CAUTION!, the danger to brick TV is high. You can harm your TV by changing values in service menu. Be 100% sure what you`re doing there.

ruSamsungTVCommunicator (ruSTVC)


Software way and easiest way to reach your goal. This only works on TV`s with ethernet/wifi port and on models where the network remote control function isn`t disabled (all high end C, D and E series).
Other models without networking function and ES/EH series, use the dual led IR transmitter.
1. Download the application from author`s page.
2. Start ruSTVC on PC, and when asked, enable access to control TV on TV screen. If no popup appeared, navigate to

Menu->System->Network Remote Control ->ruSTVC 

and set allow
3. Power off TV, enter to service menu (INFO MENU MUTE POWER on your RC)
4. Press FACTORY and after this 3SPEED buttons on ruSTVC application.

Build your own IR transmitter

This page has the goal to show an alternative procedure for sending IR codes to Samsung TV. The procedure has successfully been used for unlocking the Local Area setting available on Service Menu (UE46EH5000) and set the correct one (by sending FACTORY and 3SPEED). In this way I could get a TV 100% compliant to my country (it was bought in another one).

Also tested on several C/D series models, ES8000, for sending INFO+FACTORY and 3SPEED keys for unlocking hidden service menu features.


The process is based on the fact that the IR key codes are series of square waves at 38kHz of main frequency. The duration in time of the square waves ON and OFF defines the codification of a specific key. By considering a common audio stereo channel (2 mono), it can support max of 22kHz per channel with a total of 44kHz. This means that if an audio stereo channel is created by considering 2 mono channels defined in this way:

- Channel #1= sine wave with 19kHz as main frequency and silent for the time duration at which original IR key square wave is zero

- Channel #2= same as Channel #1 but inverted (basically mirrored)

then, it is possible to emulate the Remote Controller with a simple audio player hardware and a very simple dual led transmitter.

How to build the dual led IR transmitter


This allows you to send IR codes to TV, but you can`t use it to record IR signals from another remote controler (RC). What you need is:

- 2 IR Led 940nm 5mm (the typical one present on RC)

- 1 stereo jack 3.5mm

The connections should be as showed below= Led1 (+) must be connected to Led2 (-) and both to one stereo channel, Led1 (-) must be connected to Led2 (+) and both to the other stereo channel leaving the ground not connected


Using the stereo jack+2Led's and having the needed audio .wav files corresponding to the needed RC key code, it is possible to emulate the RC by inserting the jack in a common .wav player and play the audio files


If you`re going not only send signals to TV(BD/DVD/HomeTheather/Conditioner/Radio or any other IR controlled device...), but also record your custom IR signals to wav file to PC, you need to build following:
The main difference is that each IR LED`s cathode(-) are connected together and connected to GND (ground), each anode(+) is connected to the stereo channel.

NOTE. To send codes to TV it is enough to build just Transmitter. Just only if you gonna use this tool to replicate IR signals and build custom IR wav`s, you need to build Transceiver.

Ready to use .wav files

Following codes are available:


Code combinations - one wav file for specific IR keys sequence:

Enter to Service menu:
INFO+MENU+MUTE+POWER (from stand by)
INFO+FACTORY (from normal mode)
Service Codes (required to unlock locked service menu settings):

All files in one archive you can download from here.

If you need to create your own wav file (IR code or code sequences), you can use IR Converter - Audacity Plugin, by Gia90. IRConverterLogo.png

Important Notes

1. The sound player hardware should have stereo output with enough amplification (I tested on 3 smartphones and it worked only on Nokia N8). It shouldn't be a problem if PC sound card is used

Here is circuit of amplifier, which could be used for smartphones: amplifier for smartphones
2. The output Volume must be set to maximum level

3. The distance of action (from TV receiver) depends on output amplification (it can be 20cm or 3-4m)

4. The 2 Led must be correctly positioned in order to have enough area where the 38kHz are obtained as sum of the 2x19kHz (see below)


Following some pictures of my IR transmitter based on audio .wav


--pdca 19:20, 5 July 2012 (UTC)

Send IR using your cellphones IR port

Example with symbian based phone containing IR (infrared) port on board (Nokia N93, E51 etc).
The phone must be rooted.
Install Psiloc.irRemote.v1.04.sis and start it. The app you can easy find on the internet.
Choose the AA59-00316b remote config and test it on your TV.
Download Samsung Service_Remote using gprs (or wifi if exists) from applications internet server. Choose this config (the author is Gia90)
Now you have service codes: 7 for 3SPEED and 9 for FACTORY

Arduino project Ethernet to IR

Ethernet to IR and Serial Console Interface

Original SamsungTV Factory Remote

Samsung Factory remote controller

The part number of this remote is: AA8100243A
This way to send Factory codes to TV is quite expensive, because the cost of this remote is 21-80$ on different internet stores.
BTW we don`t know if it able to send 3SPEED code, because this button is missing. Needed anyone who could confirm.

Programable universal remotes

If you have programable RC like "One For All" URC-7320 or similar, you also can send required codes to TV.

--Juzis28 09:45, 11 July 2012 (UTC)