Entering the Factory Setup Menu

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Old Firmwares

(a more accurate info on firmware version is needed !)

You can enter the Factory Setup Menu by sending the following key combination : KEY_INFO, KEY_FACTORY

On BD players, you can only send KEY_FACTORY by network (use 'ruSamsungCommunicator' or see http://forum.samygo.tv/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=3780)

To exit the Factory Setup Menu :

  • Send KEY_FACTORY twice

Latest Firmwares

Since BD-E has been released, new firmwares don't include the network KEY_FACTORY code anymore.

ruSamsungCommunicator cannot be used any longer to enter the Factory Setup Menu.

Both BD-D and BD-E series are impacted.

You have to use an alternative method :

FaNet method

If you have an USB port on your unit, you can probably use FaNet. FaNet allows you to send RS232 commands.

This way, you can send KEY_INFO and KEY_FACTORY.

To do so, use 2 FTDI TTL-232R cables (3v3 or 5v does not matter, but must be the same for both cables) connected together on the TTL side. Of course, you have to cross RX and TX. You can either solder wires on two male connectors, or directly plug wires into the FTDI female connector as shown below.

You now have a USB-USB serial cable :

USB-USB cable.jpg USB-USB cable detail.jpg

If you already have build Exlink cable for C/D-series and E-series, you can easy build FaNet adapter:

FaNet adapter1.jpg FaNet adapter 2.jpg

All you need is DB15Female connector and 3.5mm jack. On the DB15Female connector you will use:

Pin 5 - Tx

Pin 7 - GND

Pin 11 - Rx

Db15female.JPG Stereo jack.jpg

Finally looks like:


Connect your PC to your BD with this cable.

Use the following binary files to send commands to your unit :

FaNet keys

For example, on Windows, type the following commands to enter the setup menu (replace com4 with your port) :

 mode com4:9600,n,8,1,p
 copy /b info.bin com4
 copy /b factory.bin com4

And to exit service menu :

 copy /b factory.bin com4
 copy /b factory.bin com4

Alternatively, you can use the following software : FaNet software

Debug Console enabled devices

To enter the Factory Setup Menu, use the following method :

  • Connect to the serial console (see Serial console)
  • Enter the Top Debug Menu on the serial console (enter 20102011, then 20089999)
  • Enter 12 for 'Subsystem DBG'
  • Enter 6 for 'SsKeyInputDebug'
  • Enter 1 for 'Key Input'
  • Enter 1 for 'Process Key Input'
  • Choose 0 for KEY_TYP_RC
  • Enter 59, but don't press enter
  • On your IR remote, press INFO
  • As soon as you see the info popup, press enter on the serial console...
  • Once, you have the menu, press RETURN on your IR remote

If you don't get the menu :

  • message 'unavailable' on the screen : you've waited too long between the info popup and sending 59 on the serial console...
  • no message : you've sent 59 too soon...

Explanations :

  • Code 59 stands for KEY_FACTORY (decimal 59 = 3B hex = index for KEY_FACTORY, see Key codes)
  • The delay between KEY_INFO and KEY_FACTORY is very short (around 1 second), so if you don't prepare your entry for VF_FACTORY on the serial console, you get a timeout and no setup menu...
  • This procedure leaves the input routine in a bad state (VK_FACTORY not released) : you have to press a key (RETURN as mentionned above, but any key will work) on your remote to return in a normal state.

To exit the Factory Setup Menu :

  • Enter 1 for 'Process Key Input' on the serial console
  • Choose 0 for KEY_TYP_RC
  • Enter 59; you are now in the Factory Setup Menu 'Aging' state
  • Press RETURN on your IR remote
  • Send 59 once more as above
  • Press RETURN on your IR remote; you have completely exited the Factory Setup Menu