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Here you will find hacks related to the E / ES series TVs.

Samsung recently decided to change naming scheme of their newer "Smart" TVs. They now also use 'ES' in the name, instead of just 'E'. The 'S' denoting "Slim". But we will just continue to refer to this series as the "E Series" instead of "ES Series". The first digit following the 'ES', is the new series. Thus, for example, the UE40ES5700 belong to their "Series 5" and so on. For further details regarding the "E" series product codes and numbering, see below.

Samsung put a camera on their top-end models, ES7500 and ES8000. So if you want to make Skype calls from TV and want to interact with your TV, using your voice and you don't know about what to do with your money, you could buy these devices. However, it is very likely that all this functionality is already available in the lower end model, where you could just connect an external web camera to make it work. Our job here is to help you figure out how this is done. (For example, it is well known that some simple Engineering/Service Menu modifications can upgrade your model to a limited extent, depending on the hardware.) So far we have not been successful in making other than Samsung "certified" web cameras work with our TVs. But then again we have not tried very hard either. So if you know anything how to write Linux drivers and video kernel modules for ARM processors, please come in help!

Before you start, it is strongly recommended to first read: