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I wanted to place a page that describes members and their works. Remarks are highly subjective, feel free for change them. Also fix english faults :)


Name: Pawel Kolodziejski, Developer

He ported ScummVM to SamyGO, also placed mouse and keyboard support to system. Actively developing SamyGO OpenEmbedded.


Name: Arris Ser Lev, Developer

He developed SamyGO Extensions package that automates CIFS/NFS mounting on the fly, also developing SamyGO OpenEmbedded.
He is the keel of the project.


He worked on CI+ protection mechanism and placed authld hash calculation tool.


Name: dksoul, Developer

He introduced Trident based C series hacks and applications.


Name: doodlecz, Developer

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Name: dynamic, Support Manager

He is co-founder of the project.


Name: Erdem U. Altinyurt, Project Founder

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Name: geo650/sam650, Developer

Created one of method to run plug-ins with starting TV.
Developer of most advanced app for Samsung TV so far - PVR+. Author of many other apps: SamyConsole, ScreenCap, Atari800 emulator port.
He also created first (and probably the only one) Flash application working on B-series TV - RC Test.

[ juuso]

Name: juuso, Developer & Support Manager

Create tool for easy revert back to compatible firmware - Force Firmware Back.
Helps with hack C-series devices and do many other things...
Websites: //


Name: mamaich, Developer

Port first apps to C-series (Trident).


Name: Michal Morawski, Graphic Artist, Developer

He makes beautiful graphics and icons for SamyGO applications.
Developer of Remote LAN Control - Desktop app.


Name: patchonthefly, Developer

He introduces memory patching for exeDSP by Content / Library Game mode.
Also deciphered CI+ device firmwares and implement RSA Disabler, AVRFix utilities.


Name: New Age, Developer

He placed first ARM ASM (thumb) hack that implements VideoARFix.
Also show how to increase subtitle font sizes, tried to implement DTS support.
Not active member any more. We miss him.


Name: SmartSmurf, Developer

He placed DTS codec to B Series TVs and won SamyGO DTS contest.
Also helps to DTS pass-thru codec development.


He made improvements on SamyGO PVR application.


Name: sbav1, Developer

He placed DTS Pass-Thru Proof-of-Concept code to B series TVs. Author many small hacks and app, like ScCapture & ScreenCap also help with create PVR app, CD_DVD USB Devices and more.


Name: Tom, Developer

He placed his VideoAR Fix for A series TV's.


Name: Kit, Developer

He enabled Telnet access to A series, valuable works on A series.