D6x00 TVs FULL HD 3D Defect

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3D S.O.S. : 3D Shame Of Samsung

2D Version
No lines, no letters = 3D

As the title says, there is an *very* *very* big fault regarding the actual Samsung D6xxx LED TV Series.

We checked any possible source (Playstation 3, Samsung BDP D6500, USB SBS MKV, USB MPO-File) and every time results are same! TV doesn't wanted to show FULL HD 3D Picture!

In order to give all Samsung D6xxx owners the possibility to check, whether their TV is also affected, we placed this test pictures, here are some test pictures.

Here you'll get the 2D and 3D versions of the test picture in Full HD (1080) and Half HD (720) px formats. Download it and see it by yourself...



The Problem

2D-3D example
2D -3D example

As the guys from HDTVTEST.co.uk found out in an independent test, there is a very unlikely reduction of the resolution in 3D mode.


So the guys in the German Hifi-Forum started a discussion and first no one wanted to believe it and we tough, that this could only be a mistake or maybe they tested a defective TV. But as it turned out, ANY tested D6x00 pulled down the resolution VERY heavily, no matter if it was 32" or 50". So we decided to create this Wiki-Page to give you the chance to check, whether your TV is also unable to Show 3D in Full HD resolution, as it is sold.

What we had to see was a very shocking quality loss with enabling 3D, that you can see at side pictures at this page.

If the TV could show this picture in FULL HD 3D, as it is thought to, there should be no difference between 2D and 3D versions of images.

We found that D7x00 series and D8x000 series have not such an issue.

SamyGO understands that, TV switch Low Quality Frame Buffer Resolution if 3D option is enabled. So even menu contents like text and icon graphics drops their quality. We don't know why Samsung needed to switch low quality frame buffer when 3D enabled. I have doubts if this is a unconscious error at low level D6x00 series TVs due this.

Some users reported that, this issue not visible on 60" D6x00 series TVs which are quite expensive.

The Problem

Fraud or Mistake?

Samsung UA40D6000, the lowest D6 series LED model box that has FULL HD 3D logo at bottom left corner.

This depends on what Samsung will made. Samsung SOLD this devices under FULL HD 3D promise. Information declared on all web pages, TV boxes and also advertisement pictures in the TV! And if they doesn't design D6x00 series with full HD 3D capability, if this low quality due missing hardware in our devices, this means Samsung committed to cheat it's customers! Because they cheat people by giving wrong words/advertisement. Also no company make such a big "mistake". They know what they are made. People could choose another brand TV instead this craps. But they choose Samsung due Full HD 3D. Now they all cheated. Samsung cannot escape this situation by saying sorry. They needed to be judged on law due their fraud. They also has to accept return of TVs and give full price, offer free upgrade to D7000.

But if Samsung say sorry and fix the issue in next firmware update, it's okay. Situation is being remembered as a another shame of Samsung in history. But Samsung could escape from being a cheater in that way...

Evidence Can Not Be Ignored

If you have ExLink cable, you can watch TV's debug messages.

You needed to enter Service Menu and change RS232 connection to DEBUG.

After, while TV booting, bold line at bottom could seen between many other debug/error/info messages.

Message says one thing : TV doesn't support Full HD 3D (Captured from UA40D6000 T-GAS6DEUC 1014.1)

Samsung TV UA40D6000 boot-up log wrote:t_Set3DModeForGenoaAlone(): Game/MJC Mode is same
[ERROR][SetStereoscopicScreenMode():264] Not Supported StereoScopic Resolution(1920, 1080)!!!
SetStereoscopicScreenMode, 395, Not supported Screen

What can you do?

Check out your TV if it has the same issue and cannot show 3D FULL HD images. And if your TV has same defect, please call Samsung or write them an e-mail and ask about why your TV does not show 3D contents at FULL HD resolution.

Also please read Consumer Rights Law at your country... Probably, due defected TV unit, In most modern countries, customer are free to select from one of this options:

  • You can return the device and have your FULL money.
  • You can have free upgrade to D7000 series which has Full HD 3D.
  • You can ask sale from price due defect. Like want to return difference between D5000 / D6000 price.

Samsung "has to" accept customer choice, there is no other way...

In some countries, you can also return your TV and have full of it's money even after TV's warranty period endsdue type of defect.

What is Samsung's Opinion?

As a SamyGO Community, we also send a direct mails to some of Samsung managers about the issue and ask resolution for the problem.

We are waiting for Samsung answer about the issue for weeks. But they choose to keep silent. I don't understand why such a company doesn't return quickly to us and say something about the such a big issue.

Personally I believe they wanted to cover up the situation. But we will advertise the issue and try to keep Customers Rights!

We will publicize the answer from Samsung here and SamyGO forum if they decide to give any answer...

Samsung Germany Accepted Defect

Recently, there is an update about the TV that can't show full HD content. Samsung Germany accepted to return 150€ for defected TVs according here (in German or use translated version.) It's too little for such a defect but better than nothing. Samsung Global has no word about the situation yet. Not answered our mails. And we don't

Will be continued & updated.

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Official Statement from Samsung to Cine4Home:


Special thanks to ColdFever from Hifi-Forum for creating the 3D Testimage, erdem_ua for supporting us and giving me the chance to create this wiki-page, FlashErase from Hifi-Forum for the pics of the qualityloss, Cine4Home for the detailed test and last but not least to alex1971 for bringing up the problem to us.