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Donors of SamyGO Project

Unfortunatelly, after 06.06.2016
we have no longer accept donations to the project, due conflict between PayPal and Turkey.
  I will research new money transfer services soon.

SamyGO TV BTC Address: Please ask to admin via PM

Please read this topic before donating!

Special thanks to all of our donors.


$300 send to SmartSmurf as a DTS contest bounty +$20 PayPal expenses..
$100 send to sbav1 for DTS pass-thru hack. This bounty re-directed to SmartSmurf, by sbav1. (This payment waiting for DTS Pass-thru hack.)
$100 send to Moras86 for adding project taste with beautiful icons and graphics. Payment takes $108 due PayPal's high conversion rate.
$145 sent to Jouzas, for D8000 series motherboard research. (Takes $151 with PayPal fees).
$800 sent to Denny for 32ES6000 TV researching. +$20 for SWIFT transfer. (26.02.2013)
$905 sent to sectroyer to buy H Series 6000 TV. PayPal fees and SWIFT expenses paid by admin. (09.05.2014)
$260 bought DVB hardware + shipping for research. HW goes to developer sectroyer.(22.09.2014)
$2223 sent to bugficks to buy 55JU7500 TV + plus $111 USD PayPal transfer fees. (05.05.2015)
$96 sent to Jouzas for buying a board to user (80€+ Paypal fees). (06.09.2015)
$1700 send to sectroyer to buy 55JU7000 TV, + $116 USD paypal fee).(16.10.2015)
$192 send to user prairie as BrickMaster prize of 2015 + MB compensation (equal ~$200 total) (06.12.2015)
$291.45 bought EvoBox to Denny ( 217.40 GBP - 27.01.2016)
$303.98 spent for 2015 ($120), 2016 years hosting ($144) + domain fees ($24.99 x 2).
$227 bought Medusa Pro Box with cables to bugficks ( 181 EUR - 10.06.2016) + 24,75 EUR money transfer fee, sent on 10.11.2016
$328 bought eMMC Box with cables to Juozas ( 260 EUR - 23.06.2016) + 37,25 EUR money transfer fee of- Sent on 10.11.2016
$1793.32 sent 1600€ zoelechat to buy EU49K7000 (12.08.2016) + 6€ sending fee of SWIFT at sender side.
$168.99 2017 year hosting ($144) + domain fees ($24.99)
$500 BT Hi-Fi Audio Master award send to developer wluczykijwf (21.11.2016)
$25 2018 domain fee
$3950 I decided to buy a 65Q8C to Jouzas due observing his service on project over years & promoting the first donor of the project. (05.06.2017)
$72 2017 year hosting upgrade difference. (upgraded service x2 for last 6 months).
$1000 sent to bugficks via PayPal for J series work bounty (10.10.2017)
$2129.73 send to bugficks for Q series TV (1028.40€ from PayPal + $670 via SWIFT + (55+7) USD Swift fee), (13.10.2017)
$120 send to zoelechat via BTC for two motherboard compensation. (13.10.2017)
$326 send to bugficks (281 EUR) in total for 4xSamsung One Connect Box OVP BN91 with shipping and bank fees.
$236 send to Sectroyer (204 EUR including transaction fee) for buying Samsung K8500 BluRay device.
$31.88 2019 domain fee.
$51.48 2020 & 2021 domain fee.
$50.12 sent to user majklcze as a bounty
$715.80 sent to developer sectroyer for buying 3xSEK hardware, including custom, transfer and all expenses.
$1119.00 sent to developer sectroyer for buying 43” LS03T TV and all transfer expenses.
$50 send to user lekron for SmartAdBlock script bounty 
$500 send to user tasshack for Ambilight program.
$1000 send to developer sectroyer for buying SEK-4500 and all transfer expenses.
$1000 send to zoelechat via BTC for LG TV OLED48C1 HW.
$95.94 SamyGO domain fee for 2022,2023,2024.

Total Spent: $22906.69 USD