Entering the Factory Setup Menu

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Old Firmwares

(a more accurate info on firmware version is needed !)

You can enter the Factory Setup Menu by sending the following key combination : KEY_INFO, KEY_FACTORY

On BD players, you can only send KEY_FACTORY by network (use 'ruSamsungCommunicator' or see http://forum.samygo.tv/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=3780)

To exit the Factory Setup Menu :

  • Send KEY_FACTORY twice

Latest Firmwares

Since BD-E has been released, new firmwares don't include the network KEY_FACTORY code.

Both BD-D and BD-E series are impacted.

To enter the Factory Setup Menu, use the following method :

  • Connect to the serial console (see Serial console)
  • Enter the Top Debug Menu on the serial console (enter 20102011, then 2008999)
  • Enter 12 for 'Subsystem DBG'
  • Enter 6 for 'SsKeyInputDebug'
  • Enter 1 for 'Key Input'
  • Enter 1 for 'Process Key Input'
  • Choose 0 for KEY_TYP_RC
  • Enter 59, but don't press enter
  • On your IR remote, press INFO
  • As soon as you see the info popup, press enter on the serial console...
  • Once, you have the menu, press RETURN on your IR remote

If you don't get the menu :

  • message 'unavailable' on the screen : you've waited too long between the info popup and sending 59 on the serial console...
  • no message : you've sent 59 too soon...

Explanations :

  • Code 59 stands for KEY_FACTORY (decimal 59 = 3B hex = index for KEY_FACTORY, see Key codes)
  • The delay between KEY_INFO and KEY_FACTORY is very short (around 1 second), so if you don't prepare your entry for VF_FACTORY on the serial console, you get a timeout and no setup menu...
  • This procedure leaves the input routine in a bad state (VK_FACTORY not released) : you have to press a key (RETURN as mentionned above, but any key will work) on your remote to return in a normal state.

To exit the Factory Setup Menu :

  • Enter 1 for 'Process Key Input' on the serial console
  • Choose 0 for KEY_TYP_RC
  • Enter 59; you are now in the Factory Setup Menu 'Aging' state
  • Press RETURN on your IR remote
  • Send 59 once more as above
  • Press RETURN on your IR remote; you have completely exited the Factory Setup Menu