Ex-Link Cable for J/K Series

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Wired ExLink cable

On some J/K-series TV, Ex-Link port is located on the separate 3.5mm jack labelled as "EX-LINK".

In this case, you need to make Ex-link cable by connecting JACK male to the USB-COM adapter(not TTL/LVTTL) as shown below.


Or you can use regular COM port, if your PC have it, but in this case you have to connect pins in reverse order (from left to right) as shown below. You need 2, 3 and 5 pin.


Enable Debug mode in service menu


Start the terminal

Linux PC

On a Linux PC, install 'cu' (call up) tool from the uucp package and run

cu -l /dev/ttyUSB0 -s 115200

Windows PC

On Windows, we recommend the free terminal application Putty or RealTerm (download). But HyperTerminal is also very nice, but not free.

After you have started PuTTY, follow the steps in the screen shots below.

ExLinkPuttySettings1.pngExLinkPuttySettings2.png ExLinkPutty3.png