Flashing Hacked Firmware to CI+ devices

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Hi! At last, we can flash CI+ devices firmware. Unfortunately, process requires SamyGO RSA Disabler application, which is run from Content Library's Game Menu.

From TV menu

  • Install Python 2.6.4 to your computer. (tested with 32bit one on windows)
  • Install Python's pyCrypto package too (Windows binaries), because there is AES encryption we needed to handle.
  • Download SamyGO RSA Disabler application.
  • Download SamyGO Firmware Patcher v0.16 or higher.
  • Update your firmware using SamyGO Firmware Patcher. Example:
./python SamyGO.py ./T-CHUCIPDEUC
  • Choose Telnet Enable or Advanced Mode
  • Watch if there is an error or not.
  • If every thing is on way, move the Firmware directory to USB flash.
  • Extract SamyGO RSA Disabler application to the flash too.
  • Enter Service menu of your TV and disable Watchdog. (Not strictly required but this will make let you revive device easier if it became bricked.)
  • Plug USB to your TV.
  • Run RSA Disable application from Content Library -> USB -> Game Menu
  • After you can enter flash menu and update TV's firmware.
  • While flashing in progress, Pray to God.( Strictly required, Always needed specially while doing critical things. )

Than TV will reboots. The most critical section is here.

  • If your TV is not bricked after flash, do not forget that you are praying a minute ago and say "thank you God!". This will prevent your TV to become bricked next time.

Using FFB

Currently only original firmwares and models are supported:


Mainly used to roll-back restricted firmwares to be more compatible to SamyGO.
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