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Q:Media Player Video doesn't fit to screen.

A:This is know bug for Media Player of TV. If your Firmware Compatible, Please use SamyGO Firmware Patcher for fix it.

Q:I connected my computer to TV from HDMI, But there is black bars over here. How can I remove them?

A:This problem arise when your graphic card driver uses overscan. Please remove overscan setting and select fit/strench from view options.

Q:How can the preview pictures be deleted?

A:Delete all the contents of /mtd_contents/. Be sure that you select the basic view in the Media Player before deleting the contents. Otherwise the Media Player will rebuild the database at the first use after deletion which can take a long time depending on the amounts of media files.

Q:I deleted the preview pictures but I did not select the basic view. Now I cannot change the navigation mode due to the rebuild of the database. What can I do?

A: Attach a USB-Stick with one movie on it. Change the default device to that USB device and enter the movie mode. The TV will search for existing movies and it finds this one movie very quick. Then change the navigation to basic view. Now you can change the device againg to your favorite NAS or USB-Storage.

Q: I share my files on Windows7 but SamyGO Extensions Pack won't let me access the files from my Samsung TV.

A: Windows7 use a new method to share/access files, you can find some instructions how to enable the 'old' behavior (Screenshoots from german Windows, but i hope you will find the settings).