How to connect UE46C6700 to NFS under WIN7 using Hanewin NFS Server

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Access via DNLA from the TV to the Windows PC is easy (e.g. Twonky Server), but especially mkv-files with two languages and subtitles are not supported.

The problem can be solved by installing a NFS server on the Windows machine and using the SamyGO extensions.

This HOW TO describes the steps after having root access to the SAMY and will connect the TV to your Windows machine.

The software HANEWIN NFS server will be the NFS server on the Windows platform.

1) Follow the steps as described in:

How to get root access on a C series TV

2) Download and install Notepad++ if necessary

3) If you are not sure about your IP addresses of your TV and PC go to

“Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center”
and check “See full map”. The TV shall be switched on and connected to the network

IP Adress.jpg

4) Edit the "" by using notepad++ as following:


rm -f /mtd_rwarea/profile

$1/SamyGO/rcSGO $1/SamyGO > $1/rcSGO_out 2>&1 &


sleep 120

/bin/mount -o nolock <type in here the IP of your PC, e.g.>:/Filme $1/share -t nfs

touch $1/ScriptOK

- sleep timer 120 ensures that the TV will fully boot, after that the NFS is mounted
- In this script it doesnt matter which USB port of your TV you are using. The script should work with USB 1 or 2

5) Create in the root of the USB stick a directory, e.g “FILME”.
You may change the name as you like, you just have change the script "" script as well.
In this directory “FILME” the movies files will be mounted

6) Download and install the HaneWIN NFS Server on your Win 7 machine.
Older Operating systems such as WIN XP or VISTA are supported as well.

7) Open HaneWIN NFS server and go to the tab “Exporte”.


8) Edit the "Export-file" as following:


e:\nfs -lowercase -alldirs -readonly -name:filme <IP of your TV>

Remember: -name:filme is just an example. You may change it in accordance with your mounting point (see above in the "" script).
After editing the "Export-file" you need to start the server again.
In this example my local folder is e:\nfs. You may change it according to your needs, just keep the syntax.

9) Ensure in WINdows explorer that the exported folder is NOT shared (Share with nobody).

Share with nobody.jpg

10) Plug in the USB stick into your TV. Start the NFS server on your PC.

After around two minutes you should have access from the TV to your PC. Enjoy !