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You can install bellow widgets at you Samsung B series TV using Develop account in Internet@TV.



Widget for watching on-line video auditions.

VERSION: 1.0 | DATE: 27 February 2011 | SIZE: 0,07 MB | CATEGORY: Video | AUTHOR: and7ey | WEB SITE: SamyGO Forum

DOWNLOAD: Widget (install pack)

Netplayerb ss1.png

Widgets compatibility list

There is also list for widgets from C series TV (Samsung Apps) with back-compatibility information for B series.

Version Category Language Size B compatibility Notices
BBC iPlayer 1.002 Video English 0,11 MB NO show channel list, but can't play videos
Dracula's Coffin 1.001 Game English 1,88 MB YES can restart TV while exit widget
Getty Images 1.002 English 1,32 MB YES
Gismeteo 1.000 Russian 0,37 MB YES
Google Map 1.006 English... 0,68 MB YES
ipla 1.014 Video Polish 0,48 MB NO official site
Kurakku Refuelled 1.000 Game English 2,51 MB YES can restart TV while exit widget
Mahjong Fruits 1.000 Game English 7,39 MB YES can restart TV while exit widget
Memory Game 1.002 Game English 1,78 MB YES can restart TV while exit widget
nKTVplayer 0.24 Video Russian 0,2 MB NO widget forum topic
Onet Wiadomości 1.004 Information Polish 0,68 MB YES - no small preview,
- sometimes can't scroll page vertical,
official site
Piłka Nożna
Eliminacje EURO 2012
1.005 Information Polish 0,32 MB NO based on Flash content
Samsung Imaging 1.001 English 1,12 MB NO
Skype 1.005 English 0,01 MB NO app install files include only config.xml and icons images
TVP - VOD 0.600 Video Polish 0,68 MB NO official site
USA Today News 1.016 English 0,58 MB YES
World Clock 0.906 English 0,52 MB NO
WP.TV 1.000 Video Polish 0,3 MB NO official site
vTuner 0.906 English 0,62 MB NO
YouTube 3.026 Video English 1,0 MB NO download
older version works fine on B series

--Moras86 17:19, 20 July 2011 (UTC)