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Q: My TV model is xxxxxx. Is this model supported?

A: Check the list of currently supported devices. If your model is not in that list, you can still try below steps:

If your model has no P letter after model number, (like LE40B650T2W) Chances are higher that one of the hacks from our WIKI listed below may still work to get you access to your device. Try them out preferably in the order listed:

  1. You have a LAN jack? If you have, you can use the Telnet Enabler application to enable network access.
  2. If Telnet Enabler Application is not working for you for whatever reason, then try to patch your firmware via SamyGO Firmware Enabler script to enable Telnet using this page
  3. After you can edit scripts on your TV - before doing so, ensure you have followed the steps on this WiKi page. This is a very important step and for your own safety!!!
  4. If you don't have LAN jack on your TV, than you have only one option: Using service port via the ExLink cable to enter your TV's linux console.

If your model has P letter after the model number, (Like LE40B650T2P ) it means that your firmware is encrypted and your hardware has some extra security checks to prevent tinkering with your device's FW.

  1. Using Telnet Enable Application will enable Telnet, but you won't be able to run every program that you want. You can mount NFS shares but cannot use new kernel modules... Since firmware is encrypted, we cannot touch firmwares for enabling telnet on firmware downloaded from Samsung site ( yet! ).
  2. Accessing the Linux console prompt via the Service Port using an ExLink cable is not yet supported for devices with encrypted Firmware but there is a hidden system menu that you may be interested in ( and could try to carefully play with it ).

You should also check out our [forum] to see if and what other people may already have been able to do with your model type. In any case, if you figured out some new features / possibilities on your model, you are more than welcome to share your knowledge in our [forum] so that we can add / enhance our list of supported devices.

--erdem_ua 06:37, 06 December 2009 (EET)