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jumirlc is a follow up project for SamGo Remote LAN Control. It aims at making use of all the gained knowledge in there - same time overcoming the following issues:

  • jumirlc is cross plattform (by using Python as programming language)
  • jumirlc aims at providing good and structured documentation not only on the implementation, but also on the ideas and solutions in general
  • This also implies a "one stop" approach for all relevant information (Code, Documentation, Issue Tracking, Releases); this will be made easily accessible in one location.
  • jumirlc does not emulate a hardware remote control as desktop application (with its buttons and handling), but will rather take advantage of properties Desktop applications provide

As Remote LAN Control, jumirlc is also GPL.

jumirlc is still in very early phase - so let's go and gather input on the detailed objectives for that project.

Download jumirlc

No releases yet available.

Browse code on Github.

User documentation

Not yet available.

Developer documentation

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