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*[[Service Menu]]
*[[Service Menu]]
*[[Engineering Codes]]
*[[Engineering Codes]]
*[[Media Play and DLNA]]

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Welcome to SamyGo WiKi

Here, I will add pages that you show how to edit your firmwares.

Edit permissions will be granted on request ( from forum. )

SamyGo Home Page

SamyGo Forum

Safety Measures ( which you shouldn't start without )

  1. Have a working Ex-Link cable at hand
  2. Ensure the backup exe.img ( stored on /dev/tbml10 ) is in good condition ( and ideally not altered )
  3. Ensure your RS232 Setting in the Service-Menu is set to "debug"

Useful WIKI articles

Firmware modification

General information

Interesting Reference Material

The file-system used in the the recent Samsung TVs is "RFS". Its proprietary nature and consequently so the absence of an according Linux RFS-Module in the standard Linux distributions makes it currently impossible to modify files by simply mounting the respective image as "RW", modifying it and saving the respective image again. This is the reason why currently all changes are done via patching of the image-binaries.

The information provided here should help, that we get a RFS module compiled for our common Linux distributions

--Dynamic1969 19:24, 6 October 2009 (UTC)


Neither this WIKI/Forum nor the author(s) of articles and information provided accept any responsibility for damage that may be caused by use of the information provided. You do everything at your own risk. Be aware that "hacking" activities do void your warranty!
Tested on UExxB70xx, LExxB65x and compatible devices only.