Open backdoor for fixing bootloop situations

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Some people have reported about a bootloop preventing the TV from starting through. The issue here often is, that the script invoked from within /mtd_rwarea/ is getting stuck and preventing the exeDSP to start.
There are two key steps that should be considered when hacking your image, to avoid such situations or at least to open a external "backdoor" to prevent the respective script from starting.

Patching your exe.img

  • Ensure that you send your scripts into the background when starting, by padding with a "&". Your changes in /mtd_rwarea/ should look like:
export MAPLE_DEFAULT_PATH=/mtd_cmmlib/InfoLink/lib
export MAPLE_MANAGER_WIDGET_PATH=/mtd_down/widgets/manager
export MAPLE_NORMAL_WIDGET_PATH=/mtd_down/widgets/normal
export MAPLE_WIDGET_DATA_PATH=/mtd_down
export MAPLE_WIDGET_INCLUDE_PATH=/mtd_down/widgets/inc
export MAPLE_PLUGIN_DATA_PATH=/mtd_cmmlib/InfoLink/lib
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/mtd_cmmlib/YWidget_LIB
export KF_SLEEP_READ=-2
echo 30000 > /mtd_rwarea/DelayValue.txt
#touch /mtd_rwarea/DoPrintYahoo.txt
export KF_LOG=/dev/null;/mtd_rwarea/
cd /mtd_exe/ 



  • Include a check in your /mtd_rwarea/ script, so that it will source and run a different set of commands, dependent on whether a specific file is detected on the USB-Drive or not. An example could look like:
# Open back-door for fixing boot-loop situations sleep 20 # Allow USB-stick to settle USB="/dtv/usb/sda1" # USB mount-point if [ -f $USB/ ];then echo "USB-File detected" $USB/ exit else echo "Running Normal SamyGO Startup" fi #"Your Lines Here" exit