Rooting D series arm cpu models

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BD players are not supported!

Create the developer account

1. Enter SmartHub (by pressing the smarthub button on the remote)
2. After loading the widget, go to Settings (D or blue)
3. Press "Create an account"
4. Enter the name: develop and password(any)
5. Exit SmartHub and reboot TV

NB! If you can`t create account (option is greyed out)
Then go direct to Login (red or A) and enter:

user: develop
password: 111111 (or any other six digits as password)

Installing hack

1. Start SmartHub
2. Go to Login (red or (A))
3. Go to Settings (blue or (D))-> Development -> Setting Server IP
4. Enter this IP:

Develop ip.png

5. Press User Application Synchronization
Wait until TV installs widget (SamyGO Extensions)...
Could take a while, depends from your internet speed. Wait until TV says "done"

NB! All other your widgets, installed from local server before were deleted!

6. Exit developer menu, exit SmartHub.

7. Return to SmartHub and you will find here new widget SamyGO. Execute it.

How to use


Connect using any FTP client to TV`s 21 port.

user - root
password - not required, leave blank

Samba server

you can reach your TV from windows or unix samba client

(just enter \\IP_of_TV and you`re there)


Enter to browser:

login: user
password: pass

File manager

File manager is available at:


How to use netcat to connect to SamsungTV on windows.

available only from unix terminal client (not windows!). Due kernel limitations telnet isn`t available on D series. We are using netcat shell instead (you get no promt "#" but have interactive shell.) use nc or telnet cmd:

nc IP_of_TV 1023
telnet IP_of_TV 1023

NFS shares

Read more SamyGO_Extensions and also on related B and C series forums (For D series same rules for setting it up as for B and C models) NFS mounts are to be mounted on virtual USB device.
Please check you NFS server configuration and set up exports file properly.
If you don`t have NFS server on your local network, please disable this service.

If you are Windows user, probably you have to enable Samba.

WebGUI (test only)

Enter to browser:


List of started services.
Possible to start/stop manually

This is just as test example, suggestions are welcome.

Other SAE features

Features, disabled by default. For enable it, conect over FTP and rename:



/mtd_down/widgets/user/SamyGO/SamyGO/etc/init.d/service_name.init ) 

Restart TV. Start SamyGO

Samba client

Enable it if you have windows shares or samba shares on network.
To enable samba (disabled by default), You:

  • Rename (remove ".dis" from the end)
  • Create file (without extension)


USER="your username"
PASSWD="your password"
  • Place this file to USB and attach to TV.
  • Restart TV.
  • Run SamyGO.

Virtual USB you can find in "Sources"...

PVR scrambling removal

Records made before to start this still leave encrypted. Only new videos become unscrambled.
All recordings, made after executing this script become free-to-watch ;) To enable:


This will only work on firmware versions up to 1016. On newer versions (e.g. with hospitality hack) record with DRM and then you can use the tool DeSTRoi to descramble and transfer the recordings to your PC.


for multicast IPTV.
Use nStreamPlayer or NetPlayer widgets for watching your UDP IPTV in tcp protocol (less buffering time, less network consumption and so on)
url structure should be:

if your UDP multicast url is:
then use:

Port used: 8888
To enable:


1. Related topic on SamyGO.TV
2. SamyGO_Extensions_Pack on wiki or forum
3. How_to_connect_C_series_to_NFS_under_WIN7_using_Hanewin_NFS_Server
4. How-to setup windows shares on windows7 to be accessible from TV.
5. FileShareWin7