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In this page I tried to explain Samsung 3D glass features.

Samsung uses 2 different technique in their 3D glasses.

For C Series

In 2010 model Samsung TVs, aka C series, TV emits 3D information via Infra-Red LED diode from bottom left of TV frame... So you needed to buy IR compatible 3D glasses for those TVs.

There are two Samsung 3D Glasses modal compatible with IR

I don't know what the difference between those models but first one looks better to my eye :)

For D Series

In 2011 model Samsung TVs, aka D series, TV doesn't emit 3D information via IR. So your old goggles will not work for those TVs. Instead TV send 3D information via Bluetooth connection. Your glasses needed to have Bluetooth connection option to TV to work.

Samsung also placed Wireless Charging Hub for some of Samsung 3D Glasses without cables.

Supported modals are bellow. Might be useful if you like to watch cinema with your whole family. But not valuable for 2 person watching...

  • SSG-3100GB.jpg SSG-3100GB Cheapest one, but doesn't support charging. Operates with lithium button cell batteries. Personally don't like it.
  • SSG-3300GR.jpg SSG-3300GR Standard Black 3D Goggle that support Wireless Charging Hub or charge via USB cable.
  • SSG-3300CR.jpg SSG-3300CR White one of 3300GR.
  • SSG-3500CR.jpg SSG-3500CR Light 3D glass frame without Wireless Charging Hub support but you could recharge via TV's USB port :) (SamyGO's choice price/performance)
  • SSG-3700CR.jpgSSG-3700CR 3500CR with Wireless Charging Hub option. Nothing more...
  • SSG-4100GB.jpg SSG-4100GB generally comes with ES series TVs. Operated with battery. It's like lightweight version of SSG-3100GB.


  • Personally 3100GB modal is not good choice if you don't want to fight with button cells. There is ~$10 price difference between other chargeable models .
  • For me SSG-3300 and SSG-3500 modals looks good and have almost same price.
  • SSG-3500 doesn't support inductive charging but I don't think if you want to spend extra ~$150 to that charging hub and extra ~$30 for SGG-3700.

List of 3D glasses

The currently available Samsung Active 3D glasses are:

   Model           Receiver        FullHD  FCCID
   SSG-2100AB      IR              No      -
   SSG-2200AR      IR              No      -
   SSG-3100GB      RF              No      A3LSSG3100GB ?
   SSG-3300CR      RF              No      A3LSSG3300CR ?
   SSG-3300GR      RF              No      A3LSSG3300GR
   SSG-3500CR      RF              Yes     A3LSSG3500
   SSG-3700CR      RF              No      A3LSSG3700CR ?
   SSG-4100GB      RF              Yes     A3LSSG4100GB ?
*"RF" is based on BlueTooth