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Here is the articles and pages mentioning about us.

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  • Danish technological newspaper called Ingeniøren  

Czech site we talked with regional marketing manager United AV & Slovak Samsung, Ondrej Lukac. asked question about firmwares and our improvements. Question:The group of programmers around the site began to develop their own "gray" firmware for Samsung TVs, which solves the problems remain unresolved in the official firmware, such as the inability to change the aspect ratio (aspect radio) for playback via USB or network, or offers to play films directly from network drives instead of using unreliable DLNA, which often neither does the film run back or suspended. Plan to improve the "gray" firmwares in the future even naimplementujete official firmware? Ondrej Lukac's Answer: These "gray" firmware still did not get to me, so I can compare. Perhaps, that our development laboratory finally recruited someone from this group. Original article


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You can also find more links about SamyGO Project and Samsung HDTV's.