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(Serial console for BD-E6100)
(Serial console for BD-E6100)
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== Serial console for BD-E6100 ==
== Serial console for BD-E6100 ==
[[File:2CN80mod.jpg|300px]] [[File:P2060013.JPG|300px]] [[1DKU5_CABLE.jpg|300px]]
[[File:CN801.jpg|300px]] [[ File:1.3.5mm jack.jpg |300px]] [[File:JKlayout.jpg|300px]] [[File:3.job done.jpg|300px]]
== Guidelines for models that are not listed here ==
== Guidelines for models that are not listed here ==

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To get the serial console, use the following connections on your unit PCB.

Remember that you need a TTL to RS232 adapter. See here : Ex-Link Cable for C/D/E Series and BD players

Serial console for BD-D6900...

D6900 serial00.jpg D6900 serial01.jpg

Serial console for BD-D8200, BD-D8500, BD-D8900


Serial console for BD-E8300, BD-E8500, BD-E8900, BD-E8909S


Serial console for BD-E6100

CN801.jpg 1.3.5mm jack.jpg JKlayout.jpg 3.job done.jpg

Guidelines for models that are not listed here

If your model is not listed here, you can try to locate the signals by yourself.

  • try to locate 'dead-end' resistors (one pad is not connected to anything)
  • the signals directly go to the ARM processor
  • the signals level is 3.3v when the console is idle
  • press INFO on the remote controller to generate traffic on the TX signal
  • using an oscilloscope will ease this task