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(Serial console for BD-E6100)
(Serial console for BD-E6100)
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== Serial console for BD-E6100 ==
== Serial console for BD-E6100 ==
[[File:2CN80mod.jpg|300px]] [[File:P2060013.JPG|300px]] [[1DKU5_CABLE.jpg|300px]]
[[File:2CN80mod.jpg|300px]] [[File:P2060013.JPG|300px]] [[File:1DKU5 CABLE.jpg |300px]]
== Guidelines for models that are not listed here ==
== Guidelines for models that are not listed here ==

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To get the serial console, use the following connections on your unit PCB.

Remember that you need a TTL to RS232 adapter. See here : Ex-Link Cable for C/D/E Series and BD players

Serial console for BD-D6900...

D6900 serial00.jpg D6900 serial01.jpg

Serial console for BD-D8200, BD-D8500, BD-D8900


Serial console for BD-E8300, BD-E8500, BD-E8900, BD-E8909S


Serial console for BD-E6100

300px 300px 300px

Guidelines for models that are not listed here

If your model is not listed here, you can try to locate the signals by yourself.

  • try to locate 'dead-end' resistors (one pad is not connected to anything)
  • the signals directly go to the ARM processor
  • the signals level is 3.3v when the console is idle
  • press INFO on the remote controller to generate traffic on the TX signal
  • using an oscilloscope will ease this task