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Removed the following from introduction:

I think we have a problem here in SamyGO. Older members tend to know a lot about embedded systems and their operating systems, but some newbies don't seem to know how to execute basic programs... We thought that every one would know that, because of its relative simplicity. But we are wrong there. Also the Wiki pages are too overwhelming for some newbies.

I think we needed to create a wiki page "SamyGO for DUMMIES" and divert all newbies to that article before starting. The article might mention about how you could execute programs on a TV or copy them to internal TV memory etc. Easy things, which we don't feel the need to talk a lot about.

So I created this page. Me and others will fill this area later on to show simple processes. Also put pictures about running steps of external applications from TV etc...

Admin's Message for members to edit this page

This is page for "dummies".

Please keep this page "simple as possible" and "modularized", means, do not put information if it's not really required and do not try to explain other article pages, just give a link to that article ( like Samba Mounting, firmware patcher etc...) Here needed to be just elementary information.