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SamyGO E Series Wiki Page Main

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On this page, you will find hacks related for only ES series TVs.

In this series, Samsung decided to change naming scheme of TV and give 'ES' name instead of just 'E'. The 'S' probably denoting "Series". So we are gonna call this series as "E Series" instead of "ES Series".

Since ES TVs are recently released, there is no advice on you about which one is better or which one is sucks, yet... But we are gonna fill pages quickly.

Samsung put a camera on top end ES7500 and ES8000's. If you want to make Skype calls from TV and want to interact TV with your own voice and you don't know about what to do with easy earned money, than you could choose wasting it to buying this devices. I believe, %100, it doesn't worth that price. Even if price is half. But some persons has much more money than it needed to have...