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Here will be the information about Tizen OS and J series soon.

This is a misc. collection of currently known information. It will be organized better over time.

J Series Forum:

Service Menu

Be VERY careful once in the service menu. Do not try to navigate using LEFT and RIGHT because that changes values. Only navigate through menu items with UP and DOWN.

While powered on (requires remote with FACTORY key): INFO - FACTORY (starts service menu with "Advanced" visible but it has no sub-menu)

While powered off: MUTE - 1 - 8 - 2 - POWER

Console output

Ex Link Port - 115,200 N,8,1

RS-232 Jack setting:

UART = no input/output

Debug = system logging output (MUCH more verbose when "Serial Log On/Off" set to ON, which requires a power cycle to take effect)

Logic = no input/output

FANET = no input/output

OTN Support Disable (Firmware Upgrades)

OTN support cannot be disabled in the service menu. It must be disabled by blocking access to the upgrade servers at the network level.