UnBricking TV by EEPROM Reset

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This is Erdem. As I bricked my D series device by miss service menu setting, I search for solutions to recover it. After with help of Jusiz we unbricked device with the same way of C series TVs...

Here I wanted to try to let you know how the process is working.

Firstly, this hack doesn't work if you bricked you device by firmware flashing... This hacks just removes service menu settings and let you give another chance to fix settings...

Also you needed to find correct values for your TV after resetting NVRAM like Modal / Type / Tuner /Font Color and others. It's better to have screen shots of your service menu. You can also ask help from our forums.

Reseting NVRAM (eeprom)

For resetting TV, settings, you needed to remove eeprom device from TV. But it's not required. In electronic world, if you disable communication of the chip, it counts as removed. So we just needed to kill communication of eeprom. To do this, all you have to do that feedin (connecting) GND (ground) or VCC (3.3v) to SDA line with little wire... That's all. TV just try to read (wrong) settings from eeprom, since it cannot read anything, just start with defaults. That is what we want. Than releasing SDA line and shutting TV off will update the settings on eeprom with null values, that TV could boot with it. After all, you can enter service menu and change the required changes.

Where can I found that EEPROM chip?

Its located near CPU at C and D series. On top, it writes some numbers and letters starting with 24256 or 24512... Here I place some screen shots from D series.