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May be you are wondering why there are so many Hacks to get root access to your Samsung TV. Let's try to give a short overwiew here.

Feel free to make corrections to this page but try to Keep It Short and Simple
(sentence stolen from How to get root access on a C series TV;-)


Modern Samsung TV firmware consist of two components:

  • an embedded Linux with a limited command set as basic operation system
  • dsp.exe running on a Digital Signal Processor for all Televison related stuff
All Root Hacks try to modify the builtin Linux to run commands on your request.
Most Hacks inject a modified script excuting a script if an USB Storage Device is plugged in.

If you want to learn more about your C-Series TV read SamyGO_for_DUMMIES, The_C_Series_Wiki and visit the Forum for C-Series.

You find a quick overview of working Root Hacks for you TV Model at the Compatibility Table.

Wikipedia Article - spread the word

Type of Root Hack

All C-Series Root Hacks are a variant of two Hack Types:

  • Internet@TV and
  • Universal USB Hack Disc.

Installing a modified Firmware is not possible on C-Series.


This Hack works by loading a modified USA-Today Widget from a Webserver to Internet@TV. The modified Widget copy a script named from a prepared USB-Stick to your TV.
After following one of the many tutorials from The C-Series Wiki you can execute Linux commands on your TV by placing a script named in the root of an USB-Stick. The script will run every time you plug in the USB-Stick to your TV while Powered On (hotplug). It will NOT run if the stick is plugged while you Power On TV (coldplug)!
If you want more features, i.e. console access or mounting network shares, you have to Integrate SamyGO.

Note: This type of Hack may not work with a firmware newer than 3005.1

Universal USB Hack Disc

This Hack, also known as Hack over Hotel Mode, is more than a simple Root Hack. The Universal USB Hack Disc gives you a webinterface with a channel list editor, full telnet and FTP access plus many additional commands and services like apache with php, cron, SMB and NFS, if you have an USB-Stick plugged.
If you place a script named in the root of an USB-Stick, it is executed every time you plug in the USB-Stick or you Power On TV while the Stick is plugged (Hot- and coldplug). Additionally the script is executed once if the USB-Stick is plugged while Power On TV (coldplug).

Rooting over Hotel Mode
Rooting over Hotel Mode is done via a typical design flaw:
  • Importing Files without checking the content of the imported Files.

First Part: An exported Channel List is a ZIP archive. If you add a file or directory to it you will find them in the folder /mtd_rwarea after importing the Channel List. This is used to create the directory usb_mount on TV by adding it to an Channel List and import the modified List.
The second part of the Root Hack is done as symlink attack while importing Hotel Mode Setting. you need a modified clone.dat and some linux scripts. Importing the modified clone.dat and scripts as Hotel Mode Settings result in the excecution of the scripts. You find more details in the C-Series Forum.
The Universal USB Hack Disc contain precompiled versions of clone.dat and scripts for most firmwares. To Hack the TV copy the your original Hotel Mode Settings to the Folder /HotelMode on the USB-Stick and import the modiefied clone.dat.

Feature Comparison

Hack Feature Comparison List
Hack hotplug coldplug interactive
root access
Generic Internet@TV - via SamyGo - USB-Stick, Linux, Webserver, Widget,
Internet@TV Only - via SamyGo - USB-Stick, Webserver, Widget
Hack over Hotel Mode
Universal USB Hack Disk
telnet webinterface, channel editor, Busybox, FTP, SMB, NFS, cron USB-Stick, Channel List, Hotel Mode; Universal Hack Disc
SamyGO extension - - SSH Busybox, Kernel Modules, virtual USB, Webserver, PHP, FTP, SMB, NFS ... see above SamyGo for your TV
(klick on firmware name)

Integrate SamyGO

ToDo Create StartScript

ToDo Use Hack Autostart Feature