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For those people with an F8000 (or any other model which come bundled with an IR blaster), switching the local_set to your desired region is pretty straightforward.

1. Download the .WAV files from here, as listed on the SamyGo Wiki:

2. Import FACTORY+3SPEED_inv.wav into iTunes (or any other music app). Create a playlist with just this file in it, ensure that the loop function is switched off so the file will only play once. In the file properties within iTunes, turn the Volume Adjustment setting up to 100% (on a Mac, this is done via right-click -> Get Info -> Options). Turn the volume on your PC to maximum.

3. Plug the IR blaster (which Samsung conveniently ship with the TV) into your PC headphone socket. Align the IR blaster with the bottom right corner of the TV.

4. Open the Service Menu on the TV using the standard remote control - put the TV on stand-by, press Info then Menu then Mute - switch the TV on.

5. Play the FACTORY+3SPEED_inv.wav file in iTunes. The TV screen should blink and you'll be terrified you've just bricked it.

6. Switch the TV into Stand-by mode, press Info then Menu then Mute on the remote and then switch the TV back on. The local_set field should now be editable.

It took 2 attempts for me to achieve this, on the first attempt the screen blinked but nothing happened to the Service Menu. After a slight adjustment of the IR Blaster I ran it a 2nd time and everything worked just fine.

I'm running 1110.2 software.

Posted by wynrod