Enable Wiselink Movie on B550 and B6000 Series Devices

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This page describes how to enable movie playback on CI+ devices. On these devices you can't change the model number to B650 in the service menu because this will result in a bricked device!!!

  • If you have B5xx or B6xxx CI device, than your firmware is T-CHL5DEUC, so you can use SamyGO Firmware Patcher to hack your firmware. This is the safest way for you.
  • If you make any mistake on Debug Menu, you can brick your TV!

If you have B5xx or B6xxx CI+ device, than you cannot update your TV firmware with hacked one. You better to follow this article.

What you need

All you need is an Ex-Link cable and a terminal software on your PC. I use putty for this.

How to do it

ExLink cable

First you have to follow the steps to enable the serial input and debug menu

  • Connect the Cable to TV and PC
  • Enable Debug mode in the service menu of the TV like described here: Configure your TV for Debug-Mode
  • After a reboot of your TV you can connect to the console using your Terminal program with the parameters you find here: Terminal Connection Parameters
  • Now type '1198282' at the invisble prompt. You will see a message that serial input is available now.
  • Type '1198282' again and press Enter. You will see the debug menu of your device.
  • Now type '10' and press Enter. This will give you the following menu:
   [ SsExeFactoryBase Debug Menu]
  1  : Factory.dat Loading Debug
  2  : Hidden Menu Status
  3  : GetItem Test
  4  : Get SpecialItem Data
  5  : Print SpecialItem Number
  6  : Each Store Area, Version Clear
  7  : Set SpecialItem Data
  8  : Default Data Update Test
  9  : Display & Excute Factory Menu
  99 : Exit
  • Next Menu is '9  : Display & Excute Factory Menu'. So type '9' and press Enter. This will show you the same menu as the service menu you can reach directly on the TV
  • Select '[2] Control'
  • Select '[1] Sub Option'
  • Now you have to enable the option '[18] WiseLink Movie'. For doing this type '18' and press Enter. You will be prompted for input now: 'Input Down(0)/Up(1)/Down100(2)/Up100(3)/Exit(99) > :'
  • Type '0' (Zero) an press Enter. This will be confirmed by 'Execute Success : ON'

You are done with the serial console. It's safe now to turn your TV off since we can do the other required settings directly on the TV.

Service Menu

For these settings:

  • Enter Service Menu
Power off - Info - Menu - Mute - Power
  • Enter 'Control'
  • Enter 'Sub Option'
  • Change Option "Wiselink WithOut DB" to "Wiselink With DB" (This will increase stability and makes TV remember last playing point of the movie file.)

Now you are done. Restart your TV now and you will have the Movie Option enabled under MediaPlay.