Ex-link in service mode on A series(SH4)

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See Getting access to u-boot (SH4) how to connect a Service Cable - ExLink. Provided that you have working Ex-link connection you can enter following commands (based on T-RBYDEUC firmware)

Debug Menu

Let serial line calm down from huge boot messages and type

debug [ Enter ]

Very complex menu tree follows. You can do lot of things there, especially screw up your TV completely.


Other Debug commands

I doubt about usefulness of following commands:

^ [ Enter ]

CPU reset (TV screen is shifted because GPU is not properly initialized) - same as micom 143.

keydebug [ Enter ]
keyrec [ Enter ]
keyexit [ Enter ]

Repeats periodically sequence of simulated key presses.

Simulated remote control

Enter one character code followed by [ Enter ] to simulate a remote control key press.

Character entered to Ex-link RC command code (hex) Command
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 4 5 6 8 9 0xa 0xc 0xd 0xe 0x11 numeric keys
space 0x3b Factory (not available on standard RC)
! 0x65 left
# 0x61 down
$ 0x62 right
. 0x19
< 0x20
@ 0x60 up
D 0x43 ?? shows channel number
N 0x32 ?? not avail
Z 0x0f mute
d 0x10 prog-
e 0x68 enter
f 0x44 favorite channel?
g 0x4f guide
i 0x1f info
l 0x0b vol-
m 0x1a menu
n 0x33 ?? not available
p 0x13 prev-ch
r 0x07 vol+
u 0x12 prog+
v 0x01 source
x 0x2d exit
z 0x25 subt