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SamyGO apps on B650 (European version)

Some months ago, some days before to know SamyGO project, I had the bad idea to upgrade firmware to latest release 3001.1. This firmware locks any third parts applications, and it's impossible to use SamyGO apps.

Few days ago I was able to break this limit thanks to SamyGO project. I describe my steps and special action needed by my TV model to make SamyGO apps working.

Check your firmware version and release

Firmware released before February 2010 are unrescrited, so we need to install it, if not already present.

1 - Turn off the TV
2 - Press on the remote control in sequence keys: INFO MENU MUTE POWER
3 - Take note of firmware type and release. PS50B650 uses T-CHL7DEUC firmware type.

If your firmware release is 2004.1 or 2005.0 you are lucky and can start immediatly to use SamyGO apps.

Detailed informations about to find firmware release are in SamiGO for Dummies page.

Firmware release previous 2004.1

You have a too older firmware, SamyGO apps are not teste, could be works or not. I suggest to upgrade to a working SamyGO release. At least to 2004.1 (I'm working with 2005.0).
Download the right firmware release according your firmware TYPE.
PSxxB650xx firmware 2005.0 is available here
Firmware for others models are available in the page Old & Good Firmwares

Firmware release next to 2005.0

You have an enrypted and restricted firmware release, before to use SamyGO apps, you must downgrade to an unrestricted firmware.

FFB (Firmware Force Back) utility can help you to downgrade to 2005.0 firmware.

Extract the zip file in the root of a USB Key.
1 - The USB Key MUST be formatted with FAT32 filesystem (under linux use mkfs.vfat)
2 - Don't extract the ZIP in your hard disk then copy the folder to USB Key, It doesn't works if your HD uses NTFS filesystems. The file attribute will be lost and your TV can't execute the program files.

Download 2005.0 firmware release, execute it and extract in the root og your USB Key. Yes, You can use the same USB key.
In the root of USB Key now you must have two folders: T-CHL7DEUC and samygo-ffb

Before to proceed make the follow step in the SERVICE MENU.

To move in the menu use ONLY [UP] and [DOWN] button, because [LEFT]/[RIGHT] makes changes in the VALUES.

   * TV is off
   * Enter Service Menu ( quickly push [INFO] [MENU] [MUTE] [POWER] on your remote control )
     on USA models: [MUTE] [1] [8] [2] [POWER]
   * Change setting (Control -> Sub Option -> Wiselink Write -> On<-off)
   * Change setting (Control -> Sub Option -> Watchdog -> Off<-on)
   * Change setting (Control -> Sub Option -> rs232-jack -> debug<-UART<-Logic)
   * Power off TV [POWER]
   * Remove all USB drives/keys attached to TV

Now POWER ON TV. Put the USB key in the TV, wait some seconds then select Content Library.

Run it After a reboot the TV use a 2005.0 firmware release. --Tea4two 09:32, 18 March 2011 (UTC)