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WARNING: D6000 series 3D is Defected! It's reported and I verified that, D6000 series has defected 3D View! It's NOT FULL HD 3D, just SD 3D! But D7000's could show 3D FULL HD resolution. Shame on you Samsung! So DO NOT BUY 6000 SERIES SAMSUNG TV's until this issue solved or buy D5000 series, which is cheaper! or buy D7000 series TV for real Full HD 3D.

D series compatibility table

SamyGO Table Of Compatibility for Samsung D Series TV's
Series Device Panel Type Firmware Version CPU Rooted via Root Access
(no SSH/Telnet on D series!)
PVR Patches for exeDSP Share Mount
5 UE/UAxxD55xx-D57xx 2D LED TV T-MST5* any Mstar Widget nc shell yes N/A + Enable PVR in service menu.
6-7 PNxxD64xx-D7xxx Plasma TV T-MST5* any Mstar Widget nc shell yes N/A +
6 UExxD60xx -D64xx LED TV T-GAS6DEUC <= 1014 ARM Widget nc/telnet/ssh yes + +
6 UAxxD60xx -D64xx LED TV T-GAS6DAAC <= 1015 ARM Widget nc/telnet/ssh yes + +
6 UE/UAxxD65xx-D69xx LED TV T-GASDEUC/GAS* <= 1016 ARM Widget nc/telnet/ssh yes + +
6 UNxxD60xx-D69xx LED TV T-GASAKUC <=1023.2 ARM Widget nc/telnet/ssh yes + +
7 UE/UAxxD7xxx LED TV T-GAPDEUC <= 1018.1 ARM Widget nc/telnet/ssh yes + +
8 UE/UAxxD8xxx LED TV T-GAP8DEUC <= 1018.1 ARM Widget nc/telnet/ssh yes + +
8 PNxxD8xxx Plasma TV T-GAP8AKUC <= 1022 ARM Widget nc/telnet/ssh yes + +

Where Patches: DRM dissable, ChannelInfo, BigYellowSubtitles,*ts playback, unrestricted shell over ExLink and other are currently available only for ARM models.

Downgrading of firmware

If upgraded or bought TV with latest firmware, use SamyGO D series firmware downgrading service to downgrade.

Best Compatible D Series Samsung TVs for SamyGO

Best SamyGO compatible TVs are from B series but it's harder to find them, you can choose from C series also but if you wanted to buy a TV that is 2011 modal and want to have from D series that you needed to buy from 6 or 7 series for high SamyGO compatibility. Since we don't published a D series hacks yet, there is no definite word on best compatible one yet.

From current experience, it's better to have TV which has "T-GASDEUC" (> EUxxD6500 series) or "T-GAPDEUC" (7000 Series) or compatibles... That firmware is main D series platform as I understand from name of firmware and probably it will be best compatible one of D series for our hacks.

I don't write down PLASMA series, because of consuming much more power and they also thicker(?) than LED one. LED TV will pay the price difference by your lower electric bills... Also AFAIK LEDs has longer life than plasma... I looked some plasma specs and max power rating x2 of LED one. Also 6 Series plasmas don't use ARM based CPU but MStar, so don't expect much compatibility with them...

And about LCD, AFAIK Samsung doesn't produce LCD TV on D series.

Until now, (for B and C series,) 6,7 and 8 series firmwares are same.But on D series, Samsung changes its mind and they are using different firmwares on 6, 7 and 8 series... Personally, it looks like D6500 series has best price/performance/hackability for European users. On D7000 series you have some advantages like "micro dimming" (higher power save, better blacks) and 2D to 3D conversion feature but price is significantly higher than 6 series. Also 7 series has almost all features. If I were you I buy from 6 series. I think it's not worth for that price difference... But if you want more gadgets / luxury TV, than could choose TV from D7000. Both of those are 3D LED TV already.

For Americans

For Americans, It's little weird to select TV. Low level D6000 series has "T-GASAKUC" firmware. Which I believe is similar to "T-GAS6DEUC". All models uses this same firmware from 6000 to D6500... But only D6900 have different "T-GASFKUC" firmware. Probably it might similar of "T-GASDEUC". But I have doubts on it. Because of that, you have better to choose UNxxD6000 LED or UNxxD7000 LED TVs which has superior features and I believe no problem on SamyGO compatibility...

For Europeans

For Europeans, you needed to choose UExxD6500 LED or UExxD7000 LED TVs. Both of them 3D TVs.

For Australia/Asia

For Australia/Asia, you could select UAxxD6600 LED or UAxxD7000 LED TVs.