D6x00 TVs has no FULL HD 3D information

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As the title says, there is an very big fault regarding the actual Samsung D6xxx LED TV Series.

As the guys from HDTVTEST.co.uk found out in an independent test, there is a very unlikely reduction of the resolution in 3D mode.


So the guys in the german Hifi-Forum started a discoussion and first no one wanted to beleve it and we tought, that this could only be a mistake or maybe they tested a defective TV. But as it turned out, ANY tested D6XX pulled down the resolution VERY heavily, no matter if it was 32" or 55". So we decided to create this Wiki-Page to give you the chance to check, whether your TV is also unable to Show 3D in FullHD resoluton, as it is sold. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What we had to see was a very shocking quallityloss like that:


File:Http://wiki.samygo.tv/images/c/c4/Samsungtrash5 - Kopie.jpg

We checked any possible source (Playstation 3, Samsung BDP D6500, USB SBS MKV, USB MPO-File) and everytime the same! NO FULL HD 3D Picture!

In order to give all Samsung D6xxx Owners the possibility to check, whether their TV als also affected here are some testpics.

Here you'll get the 2D Version of the testpic. [[1]]

And then compare to the 3D version. http://www.worldserve.de/projects/samsung/Testbild-3D.mpo

Have an eye on the letters above!

If the TV is able to show this picture as it is thought to, there should be no difference.(Like on D7xxx Series and above)

And now : Check out and call Samsung or write them an E-Mail when your TV does not show an 3D HD quality pic!

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Will be continued. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ At the end:

Special thanks to ColdFever from Hifi-Forum for creating the 3D Testimage, erdem_ua for supporting us and giving me the chance to create this wiki-page, FlashErase from Hifi-Forum für the pics of the qualityloss, and last but not least to alex1971 for bringing up the problem to us.