Enabling the PVR for C-Series

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This has been tested on LE40C650L1KXXU

Be very careful what you press on the remote whilst in service menu.

Move through menu list by pressing down or up arrow only.

only press right arrow to change an option.

NOTE: All user settings will be reset to default after this so write all your settings down on paper and reset them afterwards.

1. Put in a blank USB HDD/flash formatted to FAT32. UPDATE: This step is not necessary, it can be set up without a USB flashdisk.

2. Turn on TV, push on remote control: MUTE-1-1-9-ENTER, Hotel Mode menu appears (H1) set HOTEL MODE to ON (right arrow) and then turn off TV.

3. Whilst TV is off invoke service menu by pushing INFO-MENU-MUTE-POWER on remote control (If this doesn't work try MUTE-1-8-2-POWER). This will turn the TV on and show the Service Menu (S1).

4. In service menu move down to Control and select this (right arrow) - new menu appears (S2) - move down to Hotel Option and select this (right arrow) - new menu appears (S3) - move down to Clone TV to USB and select this (right arrow). TV then checks USB. - Completed Successfully -select ok- enter.

H1 menu appears - press return.

S4 menu appears - move up to Sub Option category and select (right arrow).

new large menu appears (S5)

5. In this menu move down to PVR Support and set to ON (right arrow). (Move to PVR by pressing down button, no right!) This option now appears on its own on the TV screen, press return to go back to main menu again (S5)

5a. You can also set Gemstar Support to on if required for the GuidePlus EPG.

6. Press return to go back to previous menu (S4) and move down to Hotel Option and select this (right arrow). H1 menu appears then set Hotel Mode to OFF (right arrow) and power off your tv.

7. Turn tv on normally. PVR is now enabled

If you now press record or pause whilst watching live TV the TV will ask to format the USB drive. If this is done successfully the PVR function should now work and you enter timeshift mode and begin to record to the USB.

In media player mode there is a new "TV Recordings" category. You can select this to access your recordings and there are management functions in the tools menu.

In the EPG when you press info on a tv program you should now have the option to record it. and a red clock icon appears next to the program.

If you enabled Gemstar (GuidePlus) you can access this by going into:- Menu/Antenna/Guide

If you go into Menu/Antenna/Channel Manager and then press the tools button you can access the "Timer Recording" where you can easily setup any time, channel, start and end time - like oldie VHS recorder.

by ganumor Sun Dec 26, 2010

Tested on those models

  • LE40C650L1KXXU
  • UE46C5105 (PVR mode can be switched on in the menu but the TV is lacking the PVR software itself so the PVR functionality does not work) --Stefanth 07:21, 26 January 2011 (UTC)
  • UE40C6700 --Decix 10:28, 4 February 2011 (UTC)
  • LE40C650L1WXZG, FW 3007.1 Gdkags 18:17, 14 April 2011 (UTC)