Formatting /mtd rwarea/

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Navigate to required TDM submenu

The codes mentioned below are often device (and firmware) specific, so you may need to check for the correct codes specific to your model.

  • Power off TV.
  • Unplug Network cable, might antenna too. Leave only ExLink and Power cable plugged.
  • Power on TV.
  • Open terminal and connect TV over ExLink.
  • Enter commands following by Enter:
10041004 (Enables serial input)
81588 (Responds with Key Record Start)
20089999 (Brings up TOP Debug Menu)
2 (Platform Print Sharing)
0 (Start level)
0 (End level)
2 (Advanced Platform)
2 (DeviceManager Debug)
90 (DeviceManager MW Debug)

Find your partition number

  • If you know the partition number of /mtd_rwarea on your TV, skip to the next step. Otherwise, choose:
02 (PRINT FLASH Device Info)

This will show you a list of mounted devices and partitions. Find the one whose mount path is /mtd_rwarea. You can find the mount path on the second line of each chunk of info for each device. The partition number you need is the partition key on the first line. Now proceed with the rest of the steps.

Another way of finding the partition number is by downloading and extracting your firmware, and printing the partitions.txt file withing the exe.img disk image.

Format (BRICK if wrong number selected!)

11 (FLASH, HDD Format Test)
Enter the partition number for /mtd_rwarea

On the last line you have to enter number of your /mtd_rwarea/. On C550 it is 10, but on other TV it can be other (e.g. 14)

If you get warning "Device is busy", enter HotelMode and try format again.

Known partition numbers for /mtd_rwarea (add yours here)

C series

  • C530: Partition 10
  • C550: Partition 10
  • C6510: Partition 14
  • C7000: Partition 14
  • C6000: Partition 14
  • C8000: Partition 14

D series

  • D6000: Partition 12
  • D8000: Partition 12

ES series

  • ES5700: Partition 12 (/dev/mmcblk0p12)
  • ES8000: Partition 12 (/dev/mmcblk0p12)

  • You also can check /mtd_exe/partition.txt and get partition ID:
12	/dev/mmcblk0p12	73400320	NONE	MLC	NONE	NONE	mtd_rwarea	1048576	NONE	NONE