How To Disable Firmware Updates

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For this procedure you have to enter to the Service menu of the TV:

1. With TV switched off, press the following sequence on the remote: [INFO] [MENU] [MUTE] [POWER]
 !!!At this point be careful. Values are changeable with Left/Right keys. Moving in the menu is only with Up/Down!!!
2. Have to turn off the OTN Support. Path to option may vary between models.
2.1. MST models (when firmware name contains "MST", e.g. T-MST12DEUC), mostly E/F-5xxx/6xxx and value H.
E-5xxx/6xxx and H : Service Menu -> "Control" (or "Option") -> "Sub Option" -> "OPTION_SWU" -> "OTN Support" -> Off

E otn disable1.jpg E otn disable2.jpg E otn disable3.jpg E otn disable4.jpg

F-5xxx/6xxx : Service Menu -> "Option" -> "MRT Option" -> "OTN Support" -> Off

2.2. Non-MST models (when firmware name does not contain "MST", e.g. T-FXPDEUC), mostly E/F-7xxx/8xxx/9xxx and high-end H/HU. You first need to unlock extended service menu by sending FACTORY+3SPEED keys to TV to make option accessible:

E-7xxx/8xxx : Service Menu -> "Control" -> "SWU" -> "OTN Support" -> Off

E1.jpg E2.jpg

F-7xxx/8xxx/9xxx and H/HU : Service Menu -> "Control" -> "MRT Option" -> "OTN Support" -> Off

20140613 125522.jpg 20140613 125538.jpg 20140613 125549.jpg

In case OTN support option is greyed out (very latest firmwares)

You have to block these domains on router level:

It's not possible to give any procedure to follow since each router has its own GUI/interface/settings. Check your router's documentation for how-to.