How to capture channel (PVR functionality)

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Note: Meanwhile a PVR application is available that is controlled with the TV remote.

TOP Debug Menu -> 11 : TD Debug -> 0x04 : spI Debug -> 66 : Stream Record

  • Enter 1,2,3 as VideoPid, AudioPid, PcrPid (or any other values. This not effect stream...)

This enough to start to capture that channel currently open.

  • After recording, you needed to enter 67 : Stream Record Stop to menu for ending process.
  • If you change channel while you are recording, stream saves null data after change...
Select> 66
Input Record File Name : /dtv/usb/smb/
> Video Pid: 0x1
input is 0x1
> Audio Pid: 0x2
input is 0x2
> PcrPid: 0x3
input is 0x3
__ REC FILE OPEN (/dtv/usb/smb/, ffffffff)

Select> 67
PVR Record Instance stop complete

I believe there is must be a code for disabling/avoiding remote controls "record" button in exeDSP. I wish we could prepare an application to give TV PVR functionality back.

Thanks for sbav1 for indicating this hack :)

--Erdem_ua 22:07, 15 January 2010 (EET)