How to change your Internet@TV region

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Thanks to cellul for publishing this.

While researching ways of fixing a problem with my Internet@TV, whereby Facebook, Twitter, Picasa and Youtube would persistently say 'New update found' and instruct to turn off and back on my TV without performing the required update, I stumbled across a way of changing your Internet@TV region preset into your TV. In my case, the region was set to 'None', which meant I would only get access to a very limited number of generic apps. It also meant my TV would connect to a generic Samsung server that does not yet offer the latest Internet@TV software (v2.359) that is required by those non-functioning apps, hence why the problem would persist! Switching to UK region has updated my Internet@TV software, added many new apps, gave me access to a larger app store, and enabled all those non-functioning apps!

Short version (for experienced hackers)

You need to change the Info Link Country setting in Service Menu → Sub Option to the country of your choice. The option is not visible by default; you need to enable hotel mode, and attempt to clone TV to USB to enable the full sub option menu, just as you would when enabling the PVR. Once you do that, Internet@TV will change and update itself and start connecting to server for the selected region.

Long version (for noobs)

These instructions are for the C series (they might work with other series but I have only tried it with the C series, specifically with my UE32C6510 TV). Please be very careful as you may break your TV if you do not know what you are doing. PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK!

  • Activate the TV's hotel mode menu. With the TV turned on, quickly press Mute, 1, 1, 9, Enter on the remote control. This will display the Hotel mode menu.
  • With Hotel Mode option highlighted, press ENTER on the remote; press LEFT or RIGHT button to turn it on. Do not modify any of the other options.
  • Press Power to turn off your TV.
  • With the TV turned off, quickly press Info, Menu, Mute, Power on the remote. The TV will turn on and display the Service menu. If it doesn't, turn the TV off and try again. You need to press the buttons in succession VERY quickly.

From now on, it is important to follow the instructions exactly as listed here. DO NOT USE THE LEFT/RIGHT BUTTONS to scroll through options; you can only scroll through them with the UP/DOWN arrow. If you press the LEFT/RIGHT button by mistake, and you enter an option you don't want to change, press the RETURN button to go one step back.

  • Scroll down to Control (DOWN arrow), and press ENTER to enter that menu.
  • Scroll down to Hotel Option, press ENTER;
  • Remove any USB drives you may have attached. Scroll down to Clone TV to USB, and press ENTER. It says USB is not connected, which is fine. Press ENTER to close the message window. You are not actually going to do this, but this step is necessary to open up hidden options within the Sub Option menu.
  • Press the BACK button to go one menu level up.
  • Scroll up to Sub Option, and press ENTER.
  • Scroll DOWN to Info Link Country. Press ENTER. Now press the LEFT or RIGHT arrow buttons to change to another country of your choice. Mine was set to None, and I switched to UK, which have the latest software. You may wish to try out others. Press the BACK button when you are ready to return to the menu.
  • If your TV does not have PVR (TV recording) enabled, you can also enable it here!! Scroll DOWN (IMPORTANT: DO NOT USE LEFT/RIGHT ARROWS) to PVR Support, press ENTER, press LEFT or RIGHT arrow to enable it. Press BACK button to return to the menu. If you live in one of the few countries that can receive Gemstar (UK, Italy, etc), you may also enable Gemstar support two options down.
  • When you are done, press the BACK button to move one menu level up, then scroll down to Hotel Option and press ENTER.
  • Scroll to Hotel Mode (if it is not already highlighted), press ENTER to select it, and press LEFT or RIGHT to turn hotel mode off.
  • Press Power to turn off your TV

That's it. Now the next time you enter Internet@TV, it will say it needs to update. It may delete a few services and install a few others specific for the country you have selected. It will also install the latest Internet@TV software update available on the selected country's server. Internet@TV may exit and restart.

The next time you enter Internet@TV, click on one of the problematic apps (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter or Picasa). It may (still) say new update found; turn TV off and back on. Don't panic. Turn TV off and back on, then enter Internet@TV again. It will perform a second update.

After all updates have been installed, you will have version 2.359 of the Internet@TV software, and Facebook, Twitter and so on will work!! Remember to create an Internet@TV ID, associate it with your facebook, twitter,picasa and youtube accounts, and login with your ID, before using the apps.

I hope you will find this walk-through useful.