How to downgrade T-VALDEUC firmware

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Using "the zero" firmware (not rooted TV)

without SSH/Telnet or script execution

WARNING: This doesn't seem to work for firmware version >=3018 anymore (at least for c series, see here: [1])

If you do not have SSH/Telnet access to your TV, it is still possible to downgrade your firmware. For example, if you have 3011 firmware and would like to use SamyGo, you'd need 3005 or 3009 firmware. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Download the following file: or
  • Extract the file to an USB pendrive (formatted in a file system your TV can read (e.g. FAT32, ext3, NTFS)
  • Plug the pendrive into your TV
  • There should pop up a message asking you if you want to use the pendrive for "Media Player" or "Software Update". Choose "Software Update".
Should this message not pop up, go to the TV's menu and select "Software Update" from there
  • Follow the procedures for a normal software update from USB. Once the TV is finished, it should restart. Usually, there should come a message up saying "Not for Sale".
  • Once your TV is started, you can download any T-VALDEUC firmware on your TV (preferebly from USB), there won't be any version checks.
Do not use firmware 0000 for "regular" use of your TV since most functions propably won't work (correctly).

Using shell(rooted TV only)

How to downgrade if you already have SSH/Telnet access and your is being executed:
1. fill up with this code:

   if [ -f /mtd_rwarea/Version.0 ] ; then
   echo SWU_T-VALDEUC_001000_I04_ES000DS000KS000RS000_100205 > /mtd_rwarea/Version.0
   echo SWU_T-VALDEUC_001000_I04_ES000DS000KS000RS000_100205 > /mtd_rwarea/Version.1

2. Do not reboot TV, attach USB with firmware version you want to install (T-VALDEUC....)
3. Go to "Help -> Software Upgrade -> USB" and TV should accept firmware to downgrade

  • Attention - code above only for T-VALDEUC
  • When editing scripts, always make sure line breaks are done with unix style "LF", NOT Windows' "CRLF"!