How to enable Internet@tv in UC6000 T-valdeuc Tvs

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Enable Internet @tv on UXC6000 tvs is possible ONLY if the Tv has T-VALDEUC firmware.

If your tv has Fw 3008.3 or earlier. USE THIS

  • With the tv on press Mute 119 Enter
  • enable hotel mode off > ON
  • switch off the tv
  • press info menu mute power on the remote (the tv starts on service menu)
  • go to CONTROL and press enter
  • go to HOTEL Option and press enter
  • go to CLONE TV TO USB and press enter (if you'll get one error ignore it)
  • press Return and go back to first page of the menu
  • go to OPTION
  • Change MODEL from UC6000 to UC6600 to get Internet @TV and PVR
  • Change MODEL from UC6000 to UC6900 to get Internet @TV,PVR, Animated menu.
  • press return and go back to CONTROL> press enter > HOTEL OPTION > set HOTEL MODE on OFF
  • Switch off the tv
  • You've succesfully activated Internet @ Tv on UC6000 tv.

This procedure enables internet @t Tv and also the PVR function if you switch to UC6600. If you switch to UC6900 instead you enable the Animated Menu also.

If your tv has Fw 3009 to 3017.1 you need to use the rusamsungtvcommunicator for change the "Model" strings because from 3009 the options model is always grayed out and you can't modify it if you don't use rusamsungtvcommunicator.