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Samsung B-series default don't support watch real-time streams from network, but SamyGO users find some ways to make it possible. Here all knowing way to watch IPTV:




For run xupnpd at your TV need:

App compose from two part what your need download separately:

WARNING! Two parts should be from this same version number.

Now you can start work with TV:

  • unpack main app files (after this you will have xupnpd-rc folder)
  • unpack executable file - xupnpd-arm - to xupnpd-rc folder
  • find file xupnpd.lua end edit it. You must change following parameters:
  • at TV run telnet (if your need) and FTP applications
  • at PC run your FTP client application (like CrossFTP) and copy xupnpd-rc folder to TV path:
  • at PC run telnet app (like Putty) and connect as root user
  • in telnet set executable flags for folder and files:
chmod -R 777 /mtd_rwarea/xupnpd-rc
chmod 755 /mtd_rwarea/xupnpd-rc/xupnpd-arm
  • now your can start prepared xupnpd app using telnet command:
  • after while your can press Source button at TV remote and open new DLNA device called UPnP-IPTV
  • if all works good you can add xupnpd to TV autorun (possible only using patched firmware)


xupnpd allow add new playlists and change some configurations using web-panel. For access open web browser and put address: http://TV_IP:4044 (where TV_IP is your TV IP address in local network).

For Samsung TV we prepare supported playlists.

YouTube widget - bookmark


This method is based at default Internet@TV (non Yahoo engine) widget. YouTube official allow watch only own videos, but it's possible to add external links. This way you can add own playlist with online streams.

You need replace/edit file:


Probably only mms:// streams supported. Video formats supported: mp4, wmv, asf.

Supported playlist

Using this method you can add streams only manual editing bookmark file, but it's possible to remove stream inside YouTube widget with TV remote controller.

More informations available at SamyGO forum.

NetPlayerB widget


Description and download link for NetPlayerB widget.


Moras mplayer.png

This is early port version (like author say ober-super-alpha) of MPlayer app for Samsung TV. You can run it using Content Library.

Only one stream can be used. You can add own in _cmd.txt file.

Example file include:

mplayer -quiet -cache 2048 mms://

More information available at SamyGO forum.


xupnpd YouTube mod NetPlayer MPlayer
firmware require 2005.0 or older
(patched for autorun with TV)
all supported telnet or FTP any 2005.0 or older
protocols support http, udp mms * mms * mms *
file formats/codecs mp4 (mpgv, h264) * mp4, wmv, asf * mp4, wmv, asf * wmv *
add own streams upload and manage using webpage edit xml file in TV edit xml file before install or in TV edit txt file before run
allow playlists YES only one playlist only one playlist only one stream
display comments NO YES YES NO
display thumbnails NO YES partly
(as html code)
load/buffering video slowly quite fast medium quite fast
problems after exit no signal from tuner
(for fix change channel)
no sound,
slow and bad video quality
other allow record using PVR+ app,
allow set aspect ratio
still developed and updated
allow remove streams via remote

* - maybe more, need deep tests

--moras86 12:26, 21 January 2012 (UTC)