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C series D series E series F series H series
arm mips arm (6/7/8) mips (5) 5/ 6 7/8 5/6 7/8
ChannInfo patch + N/A + + + + + + N/A
Seek Movie Player patch + N/A + + + + + + N/A
Seek PVR Player patch + N/A + + + + + + N/A
TimeShift Player Seek patch + N/A N/A N/A + + N/A N/A N/A
Movie Delete patch + N/A N/A N/A + + + + N/A
Subtitle Font Size and Color patch + N/A + + + + + + N/A
Sleep Timer Patch + N/A + N/A + + + + N/A
Menu Button Exit Fix + - - - - - - - N/A
MPEGts patch - - + + - - - - N/A
RCremap N/A N/A + N/A + + + + +
SamyGOrc + N/A + + + + + + +
STFU mod + N/A + N/A + + + + +
AnalFix - - - - - - + + N/A
SPMdecrypt + - - - + + + + +
PVRdumpkeys - - - - + + + + N/A
libExLink + - + - + + N/A N/A N/A
ZoelPVR - - + + + + + + +
InfoBarNumPatch N/A N/A N/A N/A + + N/A N/A N/A
Browser Fix - - - - - - + + N/A
Dump Recording Titles N/A N/A + N/A + + + + +
Recording Title Patch N/A N/A + N/A + + + + +
LogChannel N/A N/A + N/A + + + + +
HDMI audio passthrough N/A N/A N/A N/A + N/A + N/A +
AirToSat N/A N/A + N/A + + + + +
FakeEDID N/A N/A N/A N/A + N/A + + +
SpdifMode N/A N/A + N/A + + + + +
GameMode N/A N/A + N/A + + N/A N/A N/A
ToolsMenu N/A N/A N/A N/A + + + + +
Sound Feedback Volume - - - - + + + + N/A
RCremap with CMD support + N/A + N/A + + + + +
Game Enable patch - - + N/A + + + + N/A
ChanList N/A N/A + N/A + + + + +
SoftPowerOff N/A N/A + N/A + + + + +
LockTV + N/A + N/A + + + + +
Alert + N/A + N/A + + + + +
RepeatPVR N/A N/A + N/A + + + + +
CMDonPVR N/A N/A + N/A + + + + +
NoDRM patch + N/A N/A N/A + N/A + N/A +
PVRAnyDev - - - - + + + + N/A
PVRtoTS N/A N/A N/A N/A + + + + N/A

*: Available only for users in Donor`s group.
N/A: not available.
-: patch not required for this model.

Description of available patches/apps

Patch Description
ChannInfo patch After changing TV channel shows for a while extended information about the current program (for digital TV channels from the EPG guide)
Seek Movie Player patch It allows settings time values for both KEY_LEFT/KEY_RIGHT and also adds support for KEY_UP/KEY_DOWN. It works all the time and allows setting seek values multiple times without the need to restart TV
Seek PVR Player patch It allows settings time values for both KEY_LEFT/KEY_RIGHT and also adds support for KEY_UP/KEY_DOWN
TimeShift Player Seek patch It allows settings time values for both KEY_LEFT/KEY_RIGHT and also adds support for KEY_UP/KEY_DOWN
Movie Delete patch Changes the File Info or Device Info to File Delete
Subtitle Font Size and Color patch Increase the font size in subtitles and change them color
Sleep Timer Patch Custom values for sleep timer
Menu Button Exit Fix Exit menu with one press. Fix for C series only.
MPEGts patch Enable playback of *ts files
RCremap With this tool you can re-define keys of your remote control
SamyGOrc Send rc codes right from command line
STFU mod With this mod you can set custom timers for various infobanners (ChannelInfo, Record, Timeshift, MediaPlayer mode)
AnalFix this .so patches that installation security check when trying to install user widgets that use functions/features user widgets are not allowed to use
SPMdecrypt Decrypts encrypted widget files
PVRdumpkeys No comments :)
libExLink Outputs Exlink log to a given path, without the need to use an Exlink cable.
ZoelPVR Unlocks TV's built-in functionality to automatically add some time before and after recording when scheduling from EPG.
InfoBarNumPatch changes the number of lines for labels that are displayed in Contents and PVR Browser on the right. Be default the maximum is two lines so if for instance the title of the movie is longer it will be shortened with "...". With this patch you get up to 4 lines
Browser Fix Binds media browser tools menu to KEY_CHLIST and allows customization of it (full tools menu, disable "all" category, remove edit mode)
Dump Recording Titles Dumps info from recording device and outputs whole list of recording titles (and channel names) to logfile
Recording Title Patch This patch adds date suffix to recordings having no title or a predefined title. It also allows to offset EPG for recordings to have the right title, even if launched some time before (in case of manual scheduling, for example).
LogChannel Extracts and logs some infos about current TV state (source, channel, program, volume, resolution).
HDMI audio passthrough Patch unlocks TV's ability to passthrough 5.1 audio from HDMI to SPDIF (optical).
AirToSat Allows to switch directly from air/cable to sat (to air/cable) source without having to explore TV menus or use any key macro to do so.
FakeEDID This patch allows to override HDMI EDIDs, mainly for TV to request and pass non-PCM (=AC3/DTS) audio from HDMI sources.
SpdifMode Patch allows to quickly switch Spdif mode between available ones (PCM/DD or PCM/DTS) without having to explore TV menus or use any key macro.
GameMode Allows to directly set/unset "Game Mode" where all picture improvements such as "Motion Plus" (="camcorder" effect), "Motion Plus LED" and so on are disabled.
ToolsMenu Adds some entries to TV Tools Menu: Aerial(=antenna), Signal Information, Picture Size and Subtitle.
Sound Feedback Volume This changes the default volume level values for sound feedback. After running the patch you have to enter menu and change the value. Then TV will use new value and it will remember it even after reboot.
RCremap with CMD support With this tool you can re-define keys of your remote control + you can start bash script with some key-press of RC.
Game Enable patch Patch removes limitation to start native applications/games on SmartHub
ChanList Outputs to log full/current/favorites channels list and some more related infos.
SoftPowerOff Patch prevents TV to enter in deep standby mode on power off. It will enter in "soft-off" mode instead, the same state as on scheduled recording. It means rooting and access to TV remains while powered off and as a consequence immediately on power on.
LockTV Patch immediately locks TV with pincode on injection, and won't allow watching any channel/source until right pincode is entered. As soon as it's unlocked, pincode will never be prompted anymore. Can be useful to launch on startup for *full* parental lock.
Alert Lib displays user-defined text popups or message box on TV. Also has a feature to make screen blink on injection.
RepeatPVR Patch will force PVR to restart recording if ever it stopped unexpectedly, for example on signal loss.
CMDonPVR Allows to run scripts or system commands on PVR recording start/stop.
NoDRM patch PVR without encryption. Allows to watch recorded movie on other devices
PVRAnyDev Removes limitation to use only xfs (E series) or ext4 (F series) formatted USB dongles for your PVR recordings. Changes are only affected to newly attached USB dongles (or you have re-plug existing one). You can use any by TV supported filesystem (fat32, NTFS) for your PVR recordings.
PVRtoTS This thing hooks a bunch of functions in exeTV, grabs drm key, decrypts while recording and saves a .ts file in contents dir

B series owners have to look at: Content Library applications list. There you`ll find all patches (apps) what you can use on your TV.

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