Manual FW upgrade via telnet or console (without the need for XOR and CRC32)

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The steps outlined below allow the flashing of a Firmware file directly into the flash of your TV, without using the offical upgrade process of the TV.
The example shown below is for flashing a modified exe.img on a UExxB70xx.
There is no need to flash app_data Image, if the actual exeDSP Version is unchanged and you are flashing your personal changes.

  1. Prevent TV from rebooting when exeDSP is stopped
    /mtd_boot/MicomCtrl 23
  2. Stop exeDSP binary
    killall -9 exeDSP
  3. Unmount the respective directory
    umount /mtd_exe
  4. Take a backup of the current image in the flash.
    bml.dump /dev/bml0/8 /mtd_swu/exe.img.orig
  5. Move backup image to a safe space ( e.g. USB ) and remove file from /mtd_swu
    mv /mtd_swu/exe.img.orig /dtv/usb/sda1
    rm /mtd_swu/exe.img.orig
  6. Copy Image to be flashed from your USB to /mtd_swu
    cp /dtv/usb/sda1/exe.img /mtd_swu
    ->this is the safest way, even though flashing directly from USB-Device may also be possible, which I have not tested
  7. Perform the actual step of flashing the file.
    bml.resore /dev/bml0/8 /mtd_swu/exe.img
    -> Flashing progress will be shown 0% ... 100%. Don't interrupt this process!!
  8. Mount the updated image
    mount -t auto /dev/tbml8 /mtd_exe
    -> check out content and ensure it mounts without problems and looks ok from a content perspective.
  9. Try starting exeDSP
    ->If something went wrong and your exeDSP doesn't start up properly, then you can flash back your backup ".orig" image following steps 3-9.
    -> Don't worry, if you see your screen upside down. That is just due to a variable not been set ;-)

Find below the device files for different areas of the firmware for FW types listed ( this information is taken from the file and was not validated! )

    • BOOTLOADER_DEVICE=/dev/bml0/2
    • FNW_DEVICE=/dev/bml0/4
    • KERNEL_DEVICE=/dev/bml0/5
    • RFS_DEVICE=/dev/bml0/6
    • BOOT_DEVICE=/dev/bml0/7
    • EXE_DEVICE=/dev/stl0/8
    • APPDATA_DEVICE=/dev/stl0/9
    • EXE_DEVICE=/dev/bml0/8
    • APPDATA_DEVICE=/dev/bml0/9

Attention:This process does not validate the correctness and validity of the file being flashed. THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!!!

--Dynamic1969 17:50, 3 October 2009 (UTC)