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The Bookmarks file, located in subdirectory framebuffer/res, contains informations about bookmarks set in the NetSurf Web Browser for SamyGO.

Currently, you can add new bookmarks from within the browser, but if you want to modify or delete existing bookmarks or change the bookmark groups, you will need to edit the Bookmarks file.

General information

The Options file is a simple text file which can be edited with any decent text editor.

Warning: The file must have UNIX-style line endings and must be saved in the UTF-8 encoding.

Windows users: Notepad is not a decent text editor. It cannot read or save UNIX-style line endings. Use another editor (e.g. Notepad++, PSPad, Textpad, UltraEdit, Crimson Editor) and make sure that the line endings and encoding settings are setup correctly when saving the file.

The file contains a number of bookmark groups, which are written like:


Each group contains a list of bookmarks, where each bookmark is written in two lines:


Important: Please add an empty line at the beginning and the end of the file. Otherwise the first and last line might not be read correctly.


You can use the following bookmark file as a starting point:


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Currently, groups cannot be nested. Also, you cannot put bookmarks outside of any group. NetSurf cannot display more than 20 groups or more than 20 entries within each group.