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This is SamyGO port of OpenEmbedded.

You can easily setup cross compile toolchain or/and create rootfs image for external boot.

Note: This instruction refer to SVN SamyGO repository which supports only TV with firmwares listed below!

T-CHL7DEUC, T-CHEAUSC, T-CHL7DAUC (B650 and B750 series)

Supported host systems are: Linux Debian 6.0+ (both 32/64 bits versions), Mac OS X 10.8 (using MacPorts)

Host systems need some preparations:


sudo apt-get install build-essential coreutils subversion cvs git-core texi2html texinfo \
patch help2man intltool diffstat bzip2 wget sed gawk chrpath desktop-file-utils libssl-dev libX11-dev libXt-dev

You need to reconfigure /bin/sh to use bash using below command and select "No" when it asks you to install dash as /bin/sh.

sudo dpkg-reconfigure dash

Mac OS X MacPorts:

Install Xcode.

Install MacPorts using instruction .

Install needed packages:

sudo port install gawk gsed wget getopt help2man texinfo intltool desktop-file-utils coreutils gnutar

Pull SamyGO OpenEmbedded from branch branch-b-series in svn repository:

svn co svn:// samygo

after pull, you can enter samygo directory:

cd samygo

then do:


Script setup will generate two files: build-samygo/conf/local.conf and build-samygo/env.source .

If you like build rootfs image use this command:

bitbake externalboot-base

After building all tools, results are at build-samygo/tmp/deploy/images directory.