The Samsung E-series Product and Model Codes

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The Samsung E-series Product and Model Codes

According to the Official Samsung Smart TV Catalogue the models in the "E" series are constructed like this.


Model Code:     UE40ES5700SXXH
Model ID:           ES5700
Model Class:        ES
Model Number:         5700

The various Model Classes used are:

"ES" = Slim LED TV
"E"  = LCD or Plasma TV

Model numbers starting with "ES" belong to the model class marketed as "SLIM". and different countries have slightly different Model Numbers, reflecting the slight HW/SW variations required inside.

For example:

The Slim LED TV "ES" series:
Country-1:     ES8000 ES7000 ES6800 ES6500 ES6300 ES5700 ES5400
Country-2:                          ES6540 ES6100 ES5500 ES5400
The LED TV "EH" series: 
EH5300 EH4500 EH5000 EH4000
The LCD TV "E"-series:
The Plasma TV "E"-series:
E8000 E6500 E550 E530 E490 E450

The HW/SW variation include voltages, frequencies and many other specifications and requirements. Only looking inside and finding the "Panel Code" of the circuit board inside your TV, can give you the full information of the capabilities of your set. Or if you know how to decipher the Samsung "Panel Type" codes in the "Service Menu"...

For the example, for the model mentioned above:

Panel Code:     BN41-01812A
Panel Type:     40A6AF0E

Model Number Hacking

In some lucky cases where the hardware contained in the TV are identical (or at least almost) to another TV set with a higher Model Number, you may be able to change the Model Number in the advanced engineering menu (aka Service Menu) with your remote control, to activate certain features not available for your model. For example, for activating PVR, 3D, Wifi, CMR frequency and other country specific software or applications, etc. However, doing this is not recommended unless you know exactly what you are doing, since this would drastically increase the risk of permanently bricking your TV set.

So for example, in the ES5700 model we mentioned above, we know that the internal Panel Code is the same as for the ES6300. Thus, at least in theory, we should be able to update this model. If this is successful, we may expect to have the following improvements:

What            ES5700  -->     ES6300
CMR             100Hz           200Hz
Full HD 3D      no              yes
Micro Dimming   no              unknown *
WLAN            no              yes **
* Catalogues give contradictory information, may only work on models with CMR=400Hz
** If WLAN module is installed by ordering spare-part. The ES5700 FW is already looking for WLAN!

Of course, in order to do this you need to:

  1. Change the Model Number and Panel Code in the Engineering Menu
  2. Probably update the firmware to that model

This is work in progress... (more to come)