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This is the how-to i found recently on the Internet

I recently purchased the same model Blu-ray Player, and had the same "red screen" message when trying to play the Avatar Blu-ray movie disc.

1. On the Blu-Ray Player itself, verify the version of Firmware that you have now. From the On-screen menu, go to "Settings", scroll down to Support, then to Software Upgrade to see your Current Version.

2. Make note of your Current Version so as to verify that the new Firmware version is for your model and version of Player. For example, if it starts with "BSP-C5500WWB", you want to make sure that your Firmware upgrade file has the same naming.

3. Go to the Samsung Main Page on the Internet, and click on the Support option at the top of the page.

4. Scroll down slightly and select "Blu-ray & DVD Players".

5. A smaller window appears for you to select "Bluray Players".

6. The next window frame will fill with the model numbers. Choose the BD-C5500/XAA if that is your model number and click Select.

7. The next screen confirms your model number. Click on "Get Downloads" to see what is available.

8. At the Download Center, scroll down to see that for your model there will be User Manuals and Firmware to select. Click on the "Firmware" tab.

9. The first item is the actual Firmware upgrade. The next two items are Guides on how to install the Firmware upgrade depending on whether you choose the USB Flash Drive method or the Burn-to-CD method.

10. Decide on which method you feel more comfortable doing, then click on the Adobe PDF symbol to download to read and print the appropriate Guide so you know what to do.

11. Click on the Zip symbol next to the Firmware File to begin the download process. Create a folder to have the file located where you can find it later.

12. The Firmware file size is approx. 61MB in size, so it may take some time to download, depending on your broadband speed.

13. The file arrives in compressed "Zip" format. Once fully downloaded, you will need to unzip this file to be able to use. Hopefully you can right-click on the file name and see options to accomplish this. Try to save the unzipped file in the same folder that you are using.

14. The unzipped file should be named similar to your Current Version of Firmware as noted above in Step 2, with a higher number at the end. The file extension should be "RUF". If none of these fit the naming for your downloaded unzipped file, DO NOT USE as it may cause damage to your Player's operation if installed!

15. Copy the unzipped RUF file to a USB Flash Drive, or use software on your PC to select the RUF file and create a CD-R with this file only. (I did the create and burn a CD-R method).

16. Take the USB Flash Drive or CD-R disc to your Blu-ray Player (with your TV on to watch), and follow your instructions received from Step 10 above to install the Firmware upgrade to your Player.

17. Be patient with this process and do not interrupt! It takes a few minutes to accomplish this Firmware upgrade.

18. After the last Power Off, remove the disc or flash drive, and then Power On your Player.

19. Review that the Firmware upgrade was installed by re-visiting your Current Version settings as in Step 1 above.

20. Once verified that the upgrade was successful, load up your Avatar Blu-Ray disc to see if it works. You may still get a "black screen" message regarding an update, but it should proceed to the Movie Disc Menu in a few seconds.

21. Prepare to be WOW'ed!!

The link to RUF file for this How-TO you can find here.



--Juzis28 08:08, 15 June 2011 (UTC)