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All applications bellow are only for install at Android OS devices. List include apps who can interact with Samsung HDTV (series B, C and D).

Samsung TV Remote

This application is Wi-Fi remote control of Samsung Internet@TV for 2010 and newer.

ANDROID VERSION: 2.1+ | SUPPORT TV: C, D series | DATE: 2010 | SIZE: 1,3 MB | LANGUAGE: English | AUTHOR: Samsung

DOWNLOAD: Application - QR, Application (tablet version) - QR

SamyGO Messenger

ANDROID VERSION: ? | SUPPORT TV: B, C, D series | DATE: no available yet | SIZE: 0,38 MB | LANGUAGE: English | AUTHOR: arris69 | EARLY TEST VERSION

SamyGo Remote

Moras android SamyGO Remote.png

Allows you to remote control your Samsung TV over the network with your android device. It works for network attached Samsung TVs.

To work on B-series you have to run this from Content Library on TV before start Android app.

ANDROID VERSION: 1.5+ | SUPPORT TV: B, C, D series | DATE: January 2011 | SIZE: 1,0 MB | LANGUAGE: English, German, Polish | AUTHOR: snobordo | WEB SITE: SamyGO Forum, Tomblog

DOWNLOAD: Application - QR, source (at GitHub)

Smart TV Remote

Android Smart TV Remote.png

Smart Remote allows controlling your Samsung TV simply over the local network.

ANDROID VERSION: 2.2+ | SUPPORT TV: B, C, D, E series | DATE: November 2012 | SIZE: 1,6 MB | LANGUAGE: English | AUTHOR: Schani | WEB SITE: SamyGO Forum

DOWNLOAD: Application - QR

Android Smart TV Remote ss.png Android Smart TV Remote ss2.png

Smart TV Remote Control + DLNA

Android Smart TV Remote Control.png

Ultimate application that allows you to turn your Android device into remote controller and even more. This app contain:

  • remote control
  • text input for TV
  • DLNA server
  • DLNA browser (tested with xupnpd)
  • notifications

ANDROID VERSION: 2.1+ | SUPPORT TV: B (partly), C, D series | DATE: February 2012 | SIZE: 4,1 MB | LANGUAGE: English | AUTHOR: Botond Kopacz

DOWNLOAD: Application - QR


Moras android TVCallNotifly.png

Application send SMS to your Samsung TV screen. When you get SMS or someone call to you, app send information about this to TV. You can read received SMS in your Samsung TV.

ANDROID VERSION: 1.5+ | SUPPORT TV: B, C, D series | DATE: 20 February 2011 | SIZE: 0,12 MB | LANGUAGE: English, Polish | AUTHOR: mariopce | WEB SITE: SamyGO Forum,

DOWNLOAD: Application - QR

DLNA apps

This apps allow opening multimedia from Android devices on TV using DLNA.

Android DLNA apps comparison
Twonky Mobile - FREE iMediaShare 2Player DLNA Music Player
picture support YES YES NO
music support YES YES YES
video support YES YES NO
contents from Internet NO YES
YouTube, Picassa...
rewind NO YES YES
change TV volume YES YES NO
playing local on Android device YES NO YES
Android version 1.5 - 2.2 1.6 + 2.0 +

other useful apps

Just for telnet access to many devices (eg. TV)

File manager with option to access via FTP (for B series TV need start this app from Content Library first)

Europe DVB-T channels database. This tool will help you to find nearest DVB-T channels.

--moras86 09:29, 3 February 2012 (UTC)