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This applications you can run only using telnet console or after add command for autorun script (SamyGO.sh). Works only on Samsung B Series. Most of them can be use only on TV with firmwares from 2009 year (version number 2005 and older). Prefer to use on CI devices, but some off apps should work with CI+ TVs too.

You might want to look other applications list too: Content Library, Desktop, Android, iOS & widgets.


BusyBox combines tiny versions of many common UNIX utilities into a single small executable.

DATE: August 2010 | SIZE: 1,07 MB | AUTHOR: [ juuso] | WEB SITE: BusyBox, SamyGO Forum

DOWNLOAD: Application


For run *.so applications. Syntax for run included example module.so:

./injectso `pidof exeDSP` module.so Inject_Main /dtv/

VERSION: 1.2 | DATE: August 2010 | SIZE: 16 KB | AUTHOR: smartsmurf | WEB SITE: SamyGO Forum

DOWNLOAD: Application

Midnight Commander

File manager being a clone of Norton Commander. Instruction available at forum.

DATE: March 2010 | SIZE: 1 MB | AUTHORS: sulph8, vmezentsev | WEB SITE: Midnight Commander, SamyGO Forum

DOWNLOAD: Application

Seek Patch

This is Movie Player hack which allow override seek time for up/down buttons while movie is played. Example usage command:

/mtd_rwarea/injectso `pidof exeDSP` /mtd_rwarea/seekpatch.so patch_main UP=300,DOWN=-300

VERSION: 0.2 | DATE: 15 March 2011 | SIZE: 5 KB | AUTHOR: pushad | WEB SITE: SamyGO Forum

DOWNLOAD: Application, older version (0.1)


Allow watch IPTV streams using DLNA. Install instruction.

VERSION: RC8 | DATE: April 2012 | SIZE: 0,49 MB | AUTHOR: [ juuso] | WEB SITE: xupnpd official site, source, SamyGO Forum

DOWNLOAD: Application, older version (RC4), working playlists

--moras86 15:50, 11 April 2012 (UTC)